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6 Waterfalls In Pakistan That You Should Visit On Your Honeymoon

Mar 28, 2019

Feast your eyes on these picturesque waterfalls!

Article by: Hadia Hassan

While planning a honeymoon in Pakistan, every couple contemplates visiting lakes and beaches. But no one quite realizes how charming it is to sit by a waterfall and bask in its glory with your other half. There is just something about a waterfall that tranquilizes you and makes you feel blissful. Pakistan may not have waterfalls as monstrous as the Niagara Falls but it does have other, slightly smaller waterfalls. There’s a fair chance that you may not even have heard of them. Least visited waterbodies have the clearest water. Some waterfalls in our country are absolutely mesmerizing. You may have to trek all the way to the waterfalls but in the when you lay eyes on them it’ll all be worth it. You two lovebirds can indulge in an amorous trek before finally reaching your destinations. Here are some picturesque waterfalls in Pakistan that are the true epitome of scenic beauty.

These waterfalls and the sparkly blue water in them make us want to pack our bags right away and go hitchhiking to these areas. It might take some effort to get here but these waterfalls will restore all your energy as soon as you lay eyes on them. Get your goggles out and take a refreshing dip in these wonders of nature for a mesmerizing experience.