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Suave in Silver: How Grooms Can Nail the Silver Grey Attire for the Big Day?

Feb 25, 2019

It’s a slippery slope so pay attention

When it comes to the groom fashion, the options aren’t as limitless as the brides. Most men like to keep their looks within the reserved gentlemen color palette, but not all of them. Silver is a tricky color for Pakistani men to pull off with their brown coloring, as it clashes with the golden skin undertones. However, you can accentuate your silver with the blue, grey hues to subtle down the clashing spark, and look handsome doing it.

When should you choose silver attire for your wedding day?

These days, brides are all about the coordinated outfits and if your lady love has chosen a silver bridal dress (as may brides are doing these days), you we have a few ideas;

  • In case silver doesn’t suit you; go a few shades darker (greyish), or lighter (white/ivory hues).
  • Wear the turban, or the shawl that matches her bridal dress colors.
  • Silver colored Sherwani and suits go well with red, peach, sea foam, mint, amethyst, pink, lilac, shades of blue, and white.

Few years back the trend of the shiny suits was all the rage, and we saw so many disasters happen because people didn’t do it right here. And silver is a shiny, glitzy color that’s why we put together few looks that you can recreate to nail your silver grooms’ attire.

Did you take a few notes about the right color accents that will subdue the silver? Also, get your accessories right. They can change your whole look for the event. The shoes, watch, pocket square, jewels, cufflinks, turbans, belts, etc., everything needs to be just right. Once you nail the accessories and your outfit, the color will work itself out.

How Grooms Can Nail the Silver Grey Attire for the Big Day?
How Grooms Can Nail the Silver Grey Attire for the Big Day?
This article has is an accumulation of silver groom’s attire that you can pull for your big day. From traditional to modern; you will get ideas for ‘em all.