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Sapphire’s Eid Editions Are Every Newly Wedded Girl’s Dream Come True!

May 13, 2019

Because Eid is in the air!

Article by: Hadia Hassan

Sapphire’s 2019 Eid editions are indeed a sight for sore eyes. Subtle in pastels and soft hues, these outfits are everything you could imagine and beyond. Described as a “goldmine of decadent prints,” these ensembles will start growing on you as soon as you behold them. Replete with floral prints, light embroidery and raw silk trousers, they are the real deal! Whether you’re looking for the perfect post-wedding Aftar party, soiree or even an Eid apparel, Sapphire’s Eid editions should be your go-to collection this summer. Especially, if you’ve just tied the knot! Being the perfect balance between subtlety and boldness, these outfits are everything you’ll need to light up the whole room the moment you walk in!

Every outfit has been exclusively designed to accentuate your femininity. The serene color palettes used in this collection will beguile all your friends and family this Eid. The variety of embroidered and embellished patches in these apparels display the sheer amount of hard work used to design them. Sapphire has completely won us over with these brilliant outfits. We can say with absolute certainty that you will find your dream Eid apparel within this collection too!

This collection offers all kinds of summer appropriate fabrics including feather light embroidered Georgette chiffon, karandi, raw silk, cotton satin paired with embroidered poly-net dupattas. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to go shopping before the preparations of Eid start in the true sense, then ladies there is no better time to hit your nearest Sapphire outlet than now! Keep scrolling for some gorgeous Sapphire Eid editions:


These are some of Sapphire’s finest Eid editions for Eid-ul-Fitr 2019. We hope that you loved them as much as we do because it goes without saying that Sapphire has truly outmaneuvered every other mainstream fashion house out there this time!

Sapphire’s Eid Editions Are Every Traditionalist Newly Wedded Girl’s Dream Come True!
Sapphire’s Eid Editions Are Every Traditionalist Newly Wedded Girl’s Dream Come True!
Because Eid is in the air!