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In Pictures: Groom’s Photos that Must Be Captured on the Big Day

Mar 26, 2019

Some solo glory for the man of the hour!

We wouldn’t be lying if we didn’t say that often grooms tend to get ignored at a wedding in favor of all the fuss over the bride. Grooms are a usually good sport about it, because well, they too are under the bride’s beauty spell. However, we must give the man of the hour some special attention as well. Talk to your wedding photographers to take the groom’s excellent shots as well. Your guy can have any theme of the photography to have fun with his groom’s men. Yet there should always be some pretty great solo pictures of the groom in all his finery, as well as his getting ready shots. Here are a few poses you must include in the wedding photo album:

Getting Ready – When the groom is getting ready, the photographers must capture both close and wide shots for variety. Let the groom act naturally, and capture him in natural light so he isn’t distracted by the flash. The natural shots always come out best.

Groomsmen Having a great Time – You also would want the groom to share some moments with his best friends, his father, his brother etc. These photos need to have some happy emotion or some exaggerated swagger to make them really fun.

The Devil in the details – You need to capture the tiny details of the groom’s attire, just like the bride. There must be some personal touches, personal preferences, or hidden meaning in the groom’s attire that will make the moment special for the groom.

Then there are the regular poses of groom staring at the bride, him walking or laughing with his friends, his big entrance; all you must capture.

Aren’t they sophisticated and lethally graceful? Just what a groom ought to look like.