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How to Clean Your Nose Piercing & Prevent Infection?

Mar 15, 2019
How to Clean Your Nose Piercing & Prevent Infection?

Brides, who love naths and nose rings are likely to get their nose pierced before the big day (if they haven’t already). We understand that you hope to look pretty and all, with a dramatic nath, adorning your face on your wedding day, but you need to care for your nose piercings or they will get infected. Here is how you can clean your nose piercing until it’s fully healed.

1.  Clean it up twice a day: 

You should clean your nose pin twice a day (morning and evening). Only stop once the wound is healed properly. You don’t want it gather first or get infected. Also remember that over cleaning the piercing can lead to irritation and delay healing.

2.  Salt Solution to clean the piercing:

To make the salt solution, you need mix ¼ teaspoon non-iodized salt in a cup of warm water. You can also get a packaged saline solution at the local drug store. Before you touch your piercing, always wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Since your piercing is still an open wound, the barest touching can infect it.

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3.  Dip a cotton ball in salt solution:

Get a cotton ball and soak it in the salt solution, and press it gently to your nose for 3 to 4 minutes. Avoid getting it tangled up with the ring or nose pin. Once you have cleaned it up, pat the area with a clean tissue. Don’t use towels or it will get bacteria. Don’t pick on any crusting that may form around the piercing.

4.  Lavender Oil to the Rescue:

Lavender oil has healing properties that also lubricate the piercing. It will promote healing and reduce tenderness. Use lint free cloth for the oil application. Twist the ring or stud around and wipe away excess oil. Remember that harsh antiseptic products can further irritate or damage the skin.

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5.  Do Not Use Makeup:

While your nose is healing, avoid using makeup or any cosmetics, even sun-tan lotions on your skin. It can lead to clogged pored or infections. Do not remove the stud or ring after piercing to avoid pain. It will close up and forcing the ring back will be even more painful.

6.  Avoid hot water, dirty pillowcases and excessive touching:

Do not let your nose come in close contact with hot water. Harmful bacteria can infect your nose. If you want to go swimming; cover your nose with a waterproof wound-sealant bandage. Dirty pillowcases are another way to contract infections. Do not touch your piercing unnecessarily.

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Avoid removing your nose pin overnight until the duration it takes to make the piercing permanent, which can take up 2 to 3 weeks.


How to Clean Your Nose Piercing & Prevent Infection?
How to Clean Your Nose Piercing & Prevent Infection?
Save yourself a world of pain, and use these tips to clean your nose piercing until it's healed completely. So you can rock the prettiest nath on your wedding.