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For The Bride Who Loves Soft Hues: Pastel Lehenga’s Trending

Jun 21, 2019

Because the righteous reign of pastels is here to stay!

Article By: Hadia Hassan

Pastels are all about subtlety and softness. Not only are they extremely soothing to the eyes but they also have a calming effect on us. Fortunately for us, as of late, Pakistani bridal dresses too, have experienced the revival of lighter hues. Modern day brides opt for lighter tints on at least one of their wedding events. Pastels are deemed appropriate for your engagement, Nikah ceremony, Barat and also the reception. This just shows the depth of our love for pastels. Just like pearls, pastels are also appropriate for every occasion!

Just imagine yourself on your wedding day, clad in a subtle pastel lehenga all spruced up and ready to walk down the aisle. Pair your dress with a soft makeup look that makes you look drop dead gorgeous. You can also wear pastels (especially creamy ivory) to your outdoor Nikah ceremony. If Disney princesses like Cinderella, Aurora and Jasmine can do pastels then so should you. Anushka Sharma, Aiman Khan, Urwa Hocane and even Sajal Ali on her engagement donned on creamy pastels and reassured us that pastels are the trend of the decade. You can even steal the idea of dressing each of your bridesmaids in a different pastel shade from Western brides so that the charm of each pastel color is evenly distributed among your girls. The possibilities for pastels are endless!

Faraz Manan’s Spring Summer Couture ’19 was replete with pastel bridals that left us all enraptured. Here are some mind-blowing pastel lehengas by Faraz and other A-List designers(including the ones across the border) that love working with pastels:

Don’t you just love the softness of these pastels? Well, we find them absolutely charming and hope that you find the perfect pastel wedding dress before you get hitched!

Ladies let all your friends and family bask in the glory of these shades on your big day!

For The Bride Who Loves Soft Hues: Pastel Lehenga's
For The Bride Who Loves Soft Hues: Pastel Lehenga's
Because the righteous reign of pastels is here to stay!