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Sat Lara & Panch Lara Necklaces For The Traditional You

Jan 22, 2019

Iconically traditional!

Sat Lara Necklaces were the signature jewelry of the women of the Mughal era. From Persian princesses to the Mughals of the Indian Subcontinent, sat lara, panch lara and teen lara necklaces have always been the highlight of the world of adornments. Moreover, they symbolized subcontinental aristocracy in the past and Indian Maharajas and ranis used to wear these majestic jewels. Modern day brides from different cultures until this day wear both sat lara and panch lara necklace. They never fail to stun onlookers with their magnificence.

You can opt for different variations of the sat lara necklaces such as panch laras and teen laras. You can opt for these jewels especially if you’re a traditional bride at heart who wants to look regal without going overboard with her bridal jewels. As it happens, they give the air of grandeur and splendor to your bridal look. Furthermore, they look absolutely regal which is why we see them in every modern day designers latest collection. Below are some beautiful modern day sat lara and panch lara necklace designs that will make a fine bride out of you: