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Best Anti-Aging Secrets For Mother Of The Bride

Jun 21, 2018
Best Anti-Aging Secrets For Mother Of The Bride

Your skin needs persistent care regardless of your age. No matter how careful you are, wrinkles, fine lines, pores, and sagginess start to appear regardless. Not to mention the skin becomes dry due to lack of necessary moisture. On normal occasions, many ladies perform certain precautionary measures. But when there is a special event, like your own daughter’s wedding, then you have to pay more attention. Of all days, your skin has to look flawless on your daughter’s wedding. This, however, begs the question though, how do you do it?

The good news is that your days of worrying are long gone. Mentioned below are some of the top anti-aging secrets for your consideration.

Use SPF that contains Retinol

Once you reach a certain age, your skin needs nourishment more than ever. Therefore, you just don’t need any sunscreen, but the one that contains retinol. It will turn your rough skin into a smooth one all while protecting you from UV rays.

Fight oxidation with organic sesame oil

Due to external irritants (pollution, dirt etc.) the dermal cells tend to degenerate, and this whole process is known as oxidation. This escalates as we age, and fine lines or pores began to emerge. You can prevent this by using organic sesame oil that contains antioxidant properties. It will greatly help in skin rejuvenation by providing a protective layer on the skin.

Sustain skin elasticity with Grape seeds

Just like sesame oil, grape seeds protect skin cells due to the presence of antioxidants. Most importantly, even a little consumption of these seeds tighten skin ligaments. This is why it has been preferred by many middle-aged women.

Reduce Skin inflammation with Ginger Tea

By the time you reach your 50s (and beyond that) your skin exposed to all kinds of irritants. This is the reason why there is a chance of skin inflammation due to excessive heat or dirt particles. However, if you consume ginger tea, you’ll be at lesser risk of getting inflammation. This is because ginger contains gingerols in the roots that contain anti0-inflammation properties.

Back and knee exercises for a youthful skin

Many mothers attribute a clear skin to their workout routine. This not only improved their posture but also allowed them to sustain a more youthful skin. In your middle age, you have to prefer back and knee exercise so that your bones remain strong. This will eventually make your skin tissue stronger than before. Hence, you’ll see the results on your daughter’s big day.

Quit smoking to stop quick skin aging

If you only knew how bad it is, you would stop smoking right now. Not only it deprives your skin of necessary oxygen, but it also reduces the amount of necessary vitamins. As a result, the skin aging process escalates. Therefore, it is in your best interest to stop smoking to get back a fresh and hydrated skin.

Take vitamin C for collagen synthesis

The simplest explanation is that it will prevent the skin from external irritants. Furthermore, it also aids in collagen synthesis which is important to keep the skin tendons and ligaments intact. Therefore, you can either buy a vitamin c serum, or you can regularly consume orange juice.

Glycol is new cool

In order to maintain a healthy-looking skin, you need to repair your skin using skincare items that contain glycol. Along with moisturizing the skin and it will also slow down the aging process.

Don’t break the good habits

An old school saying is to drink plenty of water, because it keeps you hydrated and has profound effects on your skin. That said, you need to get enough sleep so that your brain reduces the release of Cristol (Stress Hormone). As a result, you will not face any inflammation in your skin, which might occur due to lack of sleep.

Yes, at times you’ll go nuts due to a plethora of reasons. It is your daughter’s marriage and there is plenty of stuff to do. However, you need to calmly access the situation and then proceed towards a certain task.

Some of the very useful anti-aging secrets have been mentioned in the article. All you need to do is follow them diligently and see the magic afterward!

Best Anti-Aging Secrets For Mother Of The Bride
Best Anti-Aging Secrets For Mother Of The Bride
No matter how careful you are, wrinkles, fine lines, pores, and sagginess start to appear regardless.