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Wedding Planning Lists That Bride Should Maintain

Jun 13, 2018
Wedding Planning Lists That Bride Should Maintain

We want you to enjoy your wedding planning phase instead of feeling overwhelmed because you will definitely miss these moments once they are gone. To cherish each and every moment of your planning process, it is necessary to develop a mechanism that not only allows you to enjoy but also organizes your wedding related activities. There are so many easy ways to organize yourself. One thing that we must recommend among other is that you make a good use of technology. We are going to share essential wedding planning lists that every bride should maintain to manage the important details of their wedding.

1. Guest List


When you are done with your final guest list, you need to create a digital document that will help you to save and edit whenever you need in the future. We know how frantic the planning process can get, so avoid having too many different lists and instead focus on one comprehensive list that entails all your relatives, friends and loved ones you want at your wedding. Your budget and further arrangements depend on the number of guests so that’s what you should first focus on finalizing.

2. Running To-Do List


The most important list of all lists is a To-Do list. Your To-Do list will contain all the tasks that you need to carry out. This list will be lengthy but don’t worry, it will help you to get organized so that you won’t get lost in the planning process. Assign yourself different tasks for each day over the course of a month or months and draft a task calendar. In this way, you will smoothly be able to accomplish your job. Your To-Do list should be very comprehensive and include your shopping list, hiring wedding vendor, selecting décor – to name a few.

3. Photography Checklist


You may never have thought about this list but trust us it’s as important as any other wedding list. If you have an eye for a particular photography style or you have some amazing wedding poses in mind and you would love to replicate those for your wedding album, then you need to jot it down for your photographer. In this way, your photographer will get the clear idea of your preferences. You can also mention those most important guests which you would like to have captured for your wedding album.

4. Playlist for your DJ


If you want your DJ to play your music list, then we recommend you to make a list of your favorite songs and hand it over to your DJ. You should also mention the specific moments where the particular song should play. This list will prove very helpful for your DJ and of course for you as well, your ceremony will have same musical vibes as you always dreamt.

5. Menu List


Deciding your wedding menu can be a very daunting task but if you start planning early and hire a caterer you can save a lot of your valuable time. Come up with your favorite dishes that you want to have on your wedding menu and discuss your menu list with your caterer.

6. The “day of” List


This list will address everything that you need to do before or on your big day. It can include your bridal accessories, your makeup items, bags and shoes and your bridal emergency kit. By having this list, you will feel relaxed on your big day and all the things will be under your control.

These lists will not make your wedding planning hustle free but also give you a freedom to enjoy your day to its fullest with your loved ones. To cherish your special day, you must have these wedding planning list with you.

Wedding Planning Lists That Bride Should Maintain
Wedding Planning Lists That Bride Should Maintain
We want you to enjoy your wedding planning phase instead of feeling overwhelmed because you will definitely miss these moments once they are gone.