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How To Avoid Wedding Planning Burnout During The Pandemic!

Jul 01, 2020
How To Avoid Wedding Planning Burnout During The Pandemic!

Article By: Myra Raja


The pandemic seems to go on forever and there is just so much that can be done to cheer one up. From daily dance practices and tons of funs to staying away till this is all over. Late night laughs, meeting friends daily, now seems like a dream once upon a time. Extremely difficult who had high hopes and event planners in loops to cater to the perfect wedding has all been put on hold. Hearts broken fiancés miles away, utter burnout, but for how long is the question. People who wanted their day to be perfect, no expense spared are patiently waiting in the sidelines for the end of this calamity that has hit all of us in the face. Of course, all this affects your mental health, as it should, but there are a few things that you can do to get through this time.


1. Practice Self-Care

As cliché as this sounds, it cannot be stressed enough. Exercise however and whatever form you desire, but it needs to be done if not everyday then at least the second day or the third. At this time, we need all the endorphins that we can get to make us happy and thus feel better. Other than exercise, we need to take care of ourselves. A wise man once said in order to feel good you must look good and we have tested and tried this theory to its core, believe us it works! Play dress up, wear makeup, do what it takes. Pamper yourself, beautify yourself, read, relax, do yoga – basically invest in yourself.


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2. An Attitude Of Gratitude

We say this for one and for all, we all need to be grateful. We cannot stress enough just how grateful, to be breathing and to be alive, to have relatives and family who are alive and around us. For all the people who love us unconditionally. This year is all about thankfulness. The crash, the pandemic, the assurance that despite sitting at home we do not have to worry about our meals and the list goes on forever. Take a moment and think even if the wedding is on hold, still there are so many other things around you to cherish.


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3. Allow Yourself To Feel Upset

Naturally, where you had big plans for your wedding day be it the preparations, shopping to the fun get-togethers, with everything being on hold you may feel a gush of emotions. Seeing everything on a pause and not going according to your planned list one can feel low at times. And let us tell you that it is very natural and OKAY for you to be feeling like this. Our advice is to let those emotions out. It is okay to not be okay, to feel upset. Allow yourself to feel those emotions and to let the out. Even if it’s an occasional outburst with an onslaught of tears, that is fine. After an hour or maybe a day of venting and feeling pulled down, you’ll notice a difference in yourself. You will feel much lighter.


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4. Lean On Your Support System

The best thing to do during this time, is to build that bond with your support system. It could be your husband-to-be or it could be your mother, or your BFF. It could be anybody and everybody that you consider your support system or turn to in the time of a crisis. This pandemic has taught us quite a few things but most importantly it has taught us that if your family wasn’t there, you wouldn’t have survived. Loneliness is a disease and a slow and steady one. Gratefulness for staying together and close and enjoying meals together, that is what it is about at the end of day.


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5. A Therapy Session

Video calls have replaced regular calls and talking it out not only helps but will make it easier to get through this pandemic. Friends have become closer bonding through video calls and blowing off much needed steam. Online therapy sessions have also started.  Various people are conducting online therapy sessions, as going out is not a safe option these days. Personally, we feel talking about it, within the comfort of your home is an added bonus, while many would disagree, we beg to differ. Find a therapist online who is offering their services or get yourself enrolled in an online workshop. Give it a try, as it’s totally worth it.


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6. Do Something That Makes You Happy

Despite the fact that we should all, always watch what we eat, but bingeing nowadays has become the norm. If eating makes you feel better binge away. You can diet away later or you can always complete your steps after the bingeing spree! Restaurants and bakeries are open for a reason pun intended. Safe to say, everything can be fixed with a warm fudge brownie to a couple of glazed doughnuts from one of your favorite places! It could be eating, or watching your favorite show, a drive with some music on or even baking a cake. Anything that makes you get through the day indulge yourself in it and block the negative thoughts for just a while, if not for long.


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7. Backup

Keep on planning. Don’t try and forget about it, if you continually do something daily, like making to do lists, of all things that need to be done. Make a backup check list so that when the time comes, you will be anything but unprepared. The plus side is, you get to do things your way and take the time in knowing your options and digging deeper, for what you need and from where. Consider this a blessing in disguise!


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How To Avoid Wedding Planning Burnout During The Pandemic!
How To Avoid Wedding Planning Burnout During The Pandemic!
Feeling all blue that your wedding has been postponed? Don’t worry, here’s a list to boost your mental health right back up.