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Five Tips On How To Be A Good Bridesmaid Amidst COVID-19!

Jul 03, 2020
Five Tips On How To Be A Good Bridesmaid Amidst COVID-19!

Article by: Myra Raja


These are clearly unprecedented times. Any bridesmaid knows, during a wedding her duty goes above and beyond. However in these times, planning a wedding is not easy despite it being on a small scale. Decorators and event planners, photographers, florists and the list is just endless! Let’s not forget that the vision your bride has, needs to be fulfilled despite the current situation, or else a bridezilla will be on the loose.


1. Be Available

First and foremost, the bride needs to be constantly assured that it will all be okay and constantly assured, might even mean a couple of times during the day. Naturally, rescheduling the wedding during the pandemic can take a toll on the couple. Make sure you reach out to the couple and let them know that you’re available for any sort of help that is needed.  This will make them appreciate your support. Also, a mantra of all is well is a good idea. Pun intended.


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2. Show Your Support To The Couple

As stressful as this time is, it is even more so for the couple. Putting their happiness first and just keeping a general over view of what their to-do list is and their general well-being might be a good idea. They are bound to get into little arguments mainly due to frustration or annoyance over this whole calamity, the best thing to do is to reassure them. Give them good advice, which makes them feel a little relaxed. You can be part of the things which mainly don’t even include you. This will give them an extra helping hand in this much needed situation. Going with the bride to the private fittings whenever she requires them. Gathering all the friends together and video call the couple. This can be a little unwinding and catching up fun session! See how you can provide your utmost support and see things through.


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3. Show And Express Your Care And Concern

Duties are duties and the bride deserve to be treated like the queen that she is and that is your main focus. It might prove challenging and frustrating but nowadays there are so many facilities to avail, like rather than going for a spa day, which is a must, you can bring the spa to her. Treat her right, order her favorite goodies and just enjoy and relax with a relaxing massage, a mani-pedi and to top it all off watch a good movie. These smallest acts of kindness will go a long way, as your relationship with the bride or the couple is much more important than the wedding itself. You have to be considerate towards them and show them empathy.


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4. Being Flexible And Understanding

There are going to be a lot of ways that your best friend would need you, now more than ever. Along with everything else that is going on, she would need you for above and beyond duties and that is where you need to express flexibility. Rescheduling the wedding can arise conflicts as it will affect almost everyone involved. Maybe you might have other obligations set on the new date. The best way is to welcome all sorts of communication, be open to it. As a bridesmaid your duty is to ease out the wedding planning process for the bride and that is what your main focus should be. Be as much understanding as you can and let the couple show you have their side.


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5. Never Give Up

The key to staying positive is to not give up on your bride and most importantly don’t let her give up on it. Easier said than done, but we all need to do what we do best at this time of our lives. Keep talking to her, encouraging her to let her emotions out. Assure her that this too shall pass. You can always send her flowers with a heartfelt written note. Telling her how she has always been strong and that she should not let anything pull down her energy. This will motivate her to keep her composure and maintain her positive energy, along with having a big smile on her face!


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Five Tips On How To Be A Good Bridesmaid Amidst COVID-19!
Five Tips On How To Be A Good Bridesmaid Amidst COVID-19!
Despite the horrific version of “mere yaar ki shadi hai” in a pandemic, here’s how you can turn it around!