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Grooms Guide: 7 Memorable Wedding Presents For Your Bride-To-Be

Jan 07, 2019
Grooms Guide: 7 Memorable Wedding Presents For Your Bride-To-Be

You and your partner just got hitched and you want to tell her how much having her in your life means to you! There’s no better way of expressing your love than through a wedding present. She will absolutely love the gesture and at the same time, it will make her realize her worth in your life. If you want to make her feel loved to the core, then these wedding presents will help you solicit your undying affection to her.

  1. Something Sparkly

If you have no idea where to start, then you should begin here. Tiffany & the world’s premier jeweler and has been America’s house of design since 1837. They make customized jewelry for all kinds of brides including earrings, bracelets, delicate watches and necklaces and will even carve her initials on these adornments to make your gift unique.

2. A Signature Scent

If there’s a particular scent she loves or that you love on her then this will make the perfect wedding present. Not only will this show her that you notice little details about her it will also make her realize that you pay her the attention she deserves.

3. A Scrapbook Full of Memorable Pictures

If you two have been adventurous and have shared real-life experiences (be it a vacation or even a very special date night) then these extraordinary experiences deserve to be in a photo album or better yet a scrapbook. Compile these pictures to make a touching wedding present that is bound to fill her with overwhelming emotions.

4. Scented Candle

If the wedding preparations have rendered her exhausted, then this is the gift you should opt for. A scented candle with her initials carved on it will help her unwind and relieve the duress she’s under. You two can also simply light a scented candle after you’re married, curl up on a couch and simply Netflix and chill.

5. A Shakespeare Themed Love Note

The idea of love notes may sound a little old school but it is by the book and will never fail you. Every love note is a personalized expression of love. The more romantic it is the more she will love it! Add a few Shakespeare or Jane Austen quotes for effect!

6. A Customized Bouquet just for her

If she’s a flower person, do some quick research to find out what kind of flowers she likes and send her favorite bouquet or a basket to her workplace to give her a lovely surprise. You can add a box of her favorite Belgian chocolates to this gift too!

7. The Kitten in a Basket Trick

The kitten in a basket trick always tends to work. If she has an affinity for little furry bundles of joy, then you should gift a kitten or a basket full of kittens to your bride-to-be. She will feel elated at the sight of this present. However, keep in mind if she can manage to take the time out to take care of the kitten.

You’ve found the perfect girl and you’re tying the knot. Now it’s time to get her the perfect gift that she would cherish for time to come.