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Vacation In Monte Carlo 007 Style This Year!

Oct 01, 2019
Vacation In Monte Carlo 007 Style This Year!

Article By: Hadia Hassan



Looking for a good travel destination? Ladies pack those Hermes scarves and get ready to channel Audrey Hepburn from Monte Carlo Baby! Gentlemen, get those tuxedos dry cleaned and ready for use! Put on your favorite Rolex watch because it’s time for a 007 inspired vacation in Monte Carlo!

Monaco – the home of Grace Kelly till the day she passed away is a country of many hidden treasures and Monte Carlo is one of them! Even though Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, thousands of tourists are pulled in by its allure every year! Known for its affluence in nature, this country makes the perfect vacation spot, a brilliant location for photography and an ideal shooting location for movies!

If you’ve always fantasized about spending a day in the world of James Bond, then Monte Carlo is the place for you! If you’re a couple who’s honeymooning, then might we suggest that you reenact that classic Sean Connery and Kim Basinger tango scene from Never Say Never Again at a ball in the city!


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Here’s everything Monte Carlo has in store for you!


 1. The Monte Carlo Casino!


One thing Monte Carlo is famous for is gambling and the Monte Carlo Casino is its Casino Royale! This casino is one of the largest casinos in the world and millions of dollars are gambled away in the gaming rooms of the Monte Carlo Casino every year! Replete with a 28 onyx pillar reception that leads to the gaming rooms this casino is quite the wonder! Here you can test your luck at the slot machines and have the time of your life! But be warned because you might end up getting hooked to this addictive casino!


Monte Carlo Casino via

2. The Larvotto Beach


The Larvotto Beach is one of the best beaches of the French Riviera. Instead of sand this beach has pebbles which is why we suggest that you take sturdy shoes along with you before you hit this beach!


The Larvotto Beach via Pinterest


3. Hit The Spa!


There are many resorts and spas in Monte Carlo that offer five-star spa services! One of the best spas in Monte Carlo is the Les Thermes Marins Spa. Lay off some steam here and get a special Monte Carlo body massage! You can also visit the luxurious Fairmont Spa for 5-star spa services.


Fairmont Spa via Tour de Lust


4. Indulge In Fine Dining!


For people who love fine dining this district of Monaco has several Michelin-starred restaurants where food enthusiasts can appease their palettes. These restaurants include the Restaurant Joël Robuchon Monte-Carlo, the Le Louis XV and the Le Vistamar. The Le Louis XV offers a Louis XV inspired interior inspired by the architecture of the Palace of Versailles.


The Le Louis XV via The Bespoke Black Book


5. Visit The Opera de Monte Carlo


The Opera de Monte Carlo is part of the Monte Carlo Casino. Catch a performance of either the Les Ballets de Monte Carlo or the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra in order to experience the true essence of the Monegasque opera. On several occasions this opera house has also been transformed into a venue for banquets, galas and centenary dinners by Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III.


Opera de Monte Carlo via Monaco


6. Stay In The 5-Star Hotel de Paris


Exclusively designed to provide 5-star accommodation facilities to elitists that visit Monte Carlo, this hotel is the most luxurious hotel of Monaco. The suites and rooms on the top floors of this hotel provide a picturesque view of the numerous Rolls Royce’ and Ferraris below along with a view of the glistening waters of the Mediterranean Sea! The hotel’s grill located on the roof offers you the exclusive chance to indulge in fine dining and enjoy the blissful view as well.


Hotel de Paris via Cvent


7. Explore The Palais du Prince


The Palais du Prince is home to the Grimaldis who are the ruling aristocrats of Monte Carlo. The palace is residence to the prince and is open to the public when the prince is not in residence. Some regions of the palace such as Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier’s former quarters are always open to the public. While you’re here, we suggest that you make a stopover at The Princess Grace Rose Garden. This garden was created by Prince Rainier III in the memory of his Princess Grace after her death. You should also make a point to smell the Princess Grace de Monaco Rose!


The Palais du Prince Pinterest


8. Check Out The Monaco Yacht Show


The Monaco yacht show offers the unique opportunity for you witness the finest yachts in the world adrift the Mediterranean Sea. You should not miss out on this wonderful opportunity even if you’re not a yacht enthusiast. Take a walk along the harbor and who knows someone might invite you in for a yacht ride!


The Monaco Yacht Show via



Note: This video has been taken from You Tube and we do not take responsibility for copyright issues associated with its  content or the music in the background.



These are all the wonderful things you should do in Monte Carlo ladies and gentlemen! Get your 007 because somewhere on the French Riviera, the breathtaking Monte Carlo awaits you!


Vacation In Monte Carlo 007 Style This Year!
Vacation In Monte Carlo 007 Style This Year!
Vacation In Monte Carlo 007 Style This Year!