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Honeymoon In Baku – The Architectural Love Child Of Paris And Dubai!

Dec 26, 2019
Honeymoon In Baku – The Architectural Love Child Of Paris And Dubai!

Article By: Hadia Hassan


Baku is the architecture lover’s dream come true. With all the artistically constructed medieval towers, boulevards and towers that make Baku one of the biggest tourist attractions of the world. It doesn’t just offer you the chance to observe the architectural wonders of ancient Islamic civilizations but it also offers you the opportunity to revel in the glory of larger than life skyscrapers and buildings that will make you feel tiny in comparison. Baku is rich in culture and high-end street fashion too. It’s rustic cafés and carpet shops are the place to hang out with your beau at after you tie the knot ladies! Wander its busy streets and mingle with the fashionable locals! Go sightseeing! Reward your palettes with the finger-licking favors of Baku!

If the two of you wish to silently appreciate the attractions of Baku, then here are the places you should definitely visit!


1. Explore “Icharishahar” Or The Old City


Go for a romantic stroll in this medieval city and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Baku, Icharishahar. This walled city is full of art and ancient architecture. You will find lots of souvenir shops, tea vendors and also cafés here where you can interact with locals and take in the culture.


Photo: via Google Images

2. Bibi-Heybat Mosque


This mosque was initially built by Shirvanshah Farrukhzad II Ibn Ahsitan II in the 13th century and rebuilt in 1998 after being destroyed by Stalin in 1936. It houses the tomb of a descendant of the Holy Prophet Ukama Khanum. And is therefore a spiritual center of Baku. It has Quranic verses carved on its walls and it is so beautifully constructed that it even attracts non-muslims.


Photo: via Google Images


3. Climb Up the Maiden Tower nd Explore The Shirvanshah’s Palace


You two should definitely climb up the maiden tower and enjoy the view from the top. Known as the Giz Galasi (virgin tower) by the locals, this place is always surrounded by tourists. On the other hand, the Shirvanshah palace was built in the 15th century by rulers of the Shirvashah kingdom. This palace too is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Photo: via Google Images

4. Visit The Mud Volcanoes


The mud volcanoes of Baku are truly fascinating. Another one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, the Gobustan national Park has hot water lakes and mud volcanoes. This park consists of 30% of the world’s mud volcanoes and is one of the major reasons why people visit Baku.


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5. Enjoy The Skyline and Visit The Famous Flame Towers


These towers are located on a hill by the Bay of Baku. Azerbaijan’s past civilizations that worshiped fire were their inspiration. LED screens that display flames cover these three towers. Take a walk along the bay and take in the beautiful skyline of Baku!


Photo: via Google Images


6. Hit the Carpet Museum


Azerbaijan and its adjoining countries are famous for the ancient folk art of carpet weaving. The carpet museum displays uniquely woven carpets that will take your breath away!


Photo: via Google Images



Dear newly-weds, explore the hidden treasures of Baku and have the experience of a lifetime on your honeymoon! You will not regret choosing this dreamy city to visit on your honeymoon!

Honeymoon In Baku – The Architectural Love Child Of Paris And Dubai!
Honeymoon In Baku – The Architectural Love Child Of Paris And Dubai!
Visit Baku with your bae!