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Ditch The Phone And Enjoy This Getaway Weekend At Our Recommended Places!

Jan 17, 2020
Ditch The Phone And Enjoy This Getaway Weekend At Our Recommended Places!

Article By: Myra Raja


It’s always said that love or arranged a marriage is always a marriage at the end of the day! Well, we do agree with these words of wisdom, but then again why keep this mindset? To make your marriage interesting and keep the love alive one should always walk an extra mile and think of ways in which the spice remains intact with everything nice! These days with one’s busy routine, couples tend to get a little laidback when it comes to spending some quality time together. Even on a dinner date, the mind is constantly urging one to grab their cellphone and get tangled in the addictive little gadget!


We at think that this weekend or maybe the next should be a little different. We’re recommending you to ditch the phone this weekend and pack your bags and to elope with your spouse! Kashmir, preferably the greatest point of conflict or the greatest beauty depending on which way you take it is a must see. And we think it’s the perfect place, if you are looking for a getaway that does not involve phones. It has a special sim that you can get from there but that too has signals that come and go so you’re not connected to any social media but an occasional phone call to your loved ones is all it allows. Azad Kashmir features some beautiful and historic tourist destinations, so keep scrolling down as we have shortlisted the top 3 for you!

1. Arang Kel

The hike depends on how fit you are, is worthless when it comes to your destination. Huffing and puffing when you reach the top and see clouds a little above your heads, almost to the effect that you can touch it, mountains and greenery, with a quietness that feels like the world is on mute. Words cannot and will not do justice to this piece of land. You can get food there and tea and sit back and enjoy the view. You will see little kids pretending to be guides and trust me they are that too, taking you up to the top from their very own hidden yet discovered shortcuts.


Photo: via SummitPost 


2. Tao Butt

Tao butt is an hour away from the Arang Kel. The drive is rocky because the road hasn’t been developed yet and only one jeep can pass, another one can but that is a risk very few take. When you reach the top, you can see the river flowing and there is a spot right at the end of the river where you can have food and enjoy the scenic view.


Photo: via


3. Leepa Valley

An amazing valley that is described as stairway to heaven. It is filled with lush fields and transcends from fields below. Difficult to describe the beauty that is Kashmir but it is a great place to just enjoy the Creator and His work rather than wrap our lives around social media as we are prone to do.


Photo: via Career Karwan


Well, this is where our road ends for today! Azad Kashmir is indeed heaven on earth. We think the roads might be blocked due to the given weather conditions, if it’s the case then hold that thought, let it sink in and make an extra effort in planning the much-awaited getaway weekend, maybe next weekend! But if they are open then you two lovebirds should better get your packing started!

Ditch The Phone And Enjoy This Getaway Weekend At Our Recommended Places!
Ditch The Phone And Enjoy This Getaway Weekend At Our Recommended Places!
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