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Vastu Shastra: Tips For A Happy Marriage And A Prosperous Home

Sep 05, 2019
Vastu Shastra: Tips For A Happy Marriage And A Prosperous Home

Article By: Ayesha Matloob

Vastu Shastra is the subtle science of eliminating negative and increasing positive energies in your surroundings. The principles of this ancient Indian art can be used to create perfect balance in your life and in this way attain prosperity and happiness in the long run. Indians believe that if a building is built and decorated using the principles of Vastu, then the Divine Powers (or Divine Power in the case of monotheism) above help you progress in life.


Origin Of Vastu Shastra

Indians consider the house a living organism with a spirit. This spirit or the Vastu Purusha is considered the soul of the house with its own energies. Even the land on which a house is built is believed to have vibrations or emit certain energies. This is why in Vastu, the act of building a home is also considered a sacred ceremony.


How It Works

In Vastu Shastra, it is believed that each Hindu God or deity that oversees different portions of a house. For instance, Agni the fire Goddess is responsible for the South East direction and hence the kitchen of the house is always constructed in the South East. Similarly, rooms for prayer and bedrooms are also positioned in a house on the basis of this concept.

The direction in which your house is facing also affects the quality of your life a great deal. A North facing house is considered highly auspicious. Although it is a common misconception that South facing houses are considered unlucky. South facing houses can prove to be lucky for people too but only if they follow some Vastu rules very strictly. East facing homes are considered second most lucky. West facing houses aren’t considered all that lucky and are slightly less preferred as compared to North and East houses.

It should be noted here that it is not the orientation of a house that makes it lucky or unlucky but the placement of the rooms, doors and the entrance door.

Vastu Shastra’s Impact

According to experts, Vastu Shastra can also be a cause of delay in your marriage. And for couples that are already married it is also believed that certain defects in a home can lead to a failed marriage and vice versa. Furthermore, it also affects your financial standing and with the right Vastu’s in your surroundings you can start earning more money than before. It directly affects the state of your marriage along with your prosperity and your happiness.

Vastu For Avoiding A Delay In Marriage

As a couple starting their new life together, you’ll need to make sure everything around you brings you good luck and cancels the negative energies around you. Here are some tips that will help you achieve fruitfulness and success in life.

  1. The placement of your front door is an important step in this ancient science because it is the point of transition between your space and the outer world. It is recommended that your front door is in the north, east or the west because these directions are considered auspicious.
  2. Do not pick a plot that slopes from North-East to South-West.
  3. The center of the house should be kept open and no objects should be placed there. This is why most Indian houses have an Aangan or an open space in the middle of their house.
  4. A girl should not sleep in the North-East or South West bedrooms if she is menstruating and she should sleep in the North-West bedroom.
  5. An eligible bachelor should sleep in the North-East or the South bedroom.

Vastu For A Prosperous Marriage

Here are some Vastu tips that will help ensure that you have a prosperous life:

  1. Paint the room in soft hues that can have a calming effect on the mind.
  2. Place flowers in glass vases around the house.
  3. The kitchen should not be in the North-East.
  4. A rectangular or square shaped wooden bed with a single mattress and single quilt is recommended.
  5. Keep the North-East portion of your house tidy and clean.
  6. Remove mirrors from your sleeping area.
  7. Place money plants around your house because they improve your financial status. Avoid placing plants like cacti and bonsai in your home.

Vastu Tips In General









We hope that you find these tips useful! Follow these strictly in order to lead long, stress free and happy lives!

Vastu Shastra: Tips For A Happy Marriage And A Prosperous Home
Vastu Shastra: Tips For A Happy Marriage And A Prosperous Home
Create balance in your life with Vastu Shastra!