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What is What in Pakistani Wedding Events

Apr 19, 2017
What is What in Pakistani Wedding Events
South Asian weddings, particularly Pakistani weddings are famous because of the series of customs and traditions. The weddings in Pakistan are not confined to one event, rather each wedding includes minimum three to four events sometimes even more. If you are wondering what makes these events so special, read on to find out your answer!

The Proposal

The marriage proposal and its acceptance is the first step in wedding preparation. The proposal party or dinner is held at the bride’s home where the groom’s family officially asks for the bride’s hand and with the acceptance of the proposal, gifts and sweets are exchanged.

Engagement Ceremony: Beginning of Wedding Event

A large scale party is held to announce the official engagement. Although, few families prefer to exchange the rings through the families of bride and groom, however, mostly, people prefer to hold the ceremony together at one place where bride and groom exchange the rings and their families exchange gifts followed by a dinner. The date for the wedding is either decided on the same day or can be decided later on. That depends upon the wish of the family.

Mayun or Ubtan: Bride’s Beauty Journey

When the wedding dates are decided, mayun or ubtan is the first function held at least ten days before the wedding day. In this function, the bride wears the yellow suit gifted by groom’s mother and will remain in seclusion till the mehndi day. Ubtan is the mixture of turmeric, milk, lemon juice and rose water. This mask is applied on brides face, hands, and feet for the glowing skin on her wedding day by her sisters, mother, and friends.

Bridal Shower

Bridal shower, a pre wedding party, is a gift giving party held for bride-to-be. It is an opportunity for the guests to give her gifts, helping her setup a new home. Originated from the western culture, In Pakistan, from the last few years, brides have been practicing this tradition. The event is arranged by the friends or close young female relatives of the family in which the gifts are presented to the bride. In case friends are not available, bridesmaid take the responsibility of the arrangements. This party is informal gathering where guests choose to play different games.

Nikkah Ceremony

Nikkah ceremony is the official announcement among relatives and the marriage contract is signed by both the bride and the groom under the supervision of their families and the Imam. After Nikkah, the Quranic verses are recited and sweets are distributed among the guests. It’s the choice of the families whether to arrange nikkah separately or during the wedding ceremony.

Fun Begins with Mehndi Event

Mehndi is held at least one or two days before the wedding day. The bride wears yellow or orange lehenga, and the groom wears traditional dress i.e. shalwar kameez. The henna is applied to the bride’s hands by the groom’s relatives. The female friends and family members apply henna on their hands too. Dances are performed to make the function more happening.


This is the main function when the groom and his family take the bride to their home. The arrival of the groom at the venue is called baraat. After the dinner, the bride leaves with the groom’s family which is called ‘Rukhsati’- the most sentimental time of wedding.


After the wedding day, a grand dinner is arranged by the groom and his family. This is to celebrate the marriage. On walima, bride’s cloths and jewelry are arranged by the groom’s family. The marriage function officially ends at the walima function.
Weddings in Pakistan are interesting and fun-filled events. Which event do you enjoy the most, let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more fun information.
What is What in Pakistani Wedding Events
What is What in Pakistani Wedding Events
The weddings in Pakistan are not confined to one event, rather each wedding includes minimum three to four events sometimes even more.