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Should You Tell Your Fiancé That You Don’t Love Your Engagement Ring?

May 25, 2019
Should You Tell Your Fiancé That You Don’t Love Your Engagement Ring?

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This is not often talked about but a few of you out there might have found yourself in a situation where you love your man but hate the ring and you really don’t want to hurt your fiancé ‘s emotions by telling him. Mostly, you don’t get a chance to see your ring before the engagement ceremony which means you have to go with the ring whether you like it or not. You definitely don’t want to spoil your day by explicitly expressing your dislike right at that moment. We know this can be difficult but there are many different ways to handle this situation without being impolite. So, this is what you should do if you didn’t like the ring:

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Talk About The Ring After The Ceremony

You can share your opinion on the ring after your engagement ceremony. You should explain your feelings about the ring in a way that doesn’t get him upset or make him feel bad about it. Keep in mind that having a good and open conversation is the first step towards building a strong relationship. In the end, you should know that the ring is not the reason that you are going to marry in the first place. Beware of not hurting his feelings. Choose the correct time to talk about it – for example, when both of you are feeling loving and open. That is the moment of intimacy. It won’t hurt his feelings and you will be able to convey your message in a proper way too.


Wear It For A Few Days

We know that everything related to a wedding can be overwhelming but don’t jump to conclusions instantly! There’s no reason for you to question whether your partner knows your likes and dislikes enough for you to not marry him. You also need some time to wear the ring, you might start liking it after a couple of days, or it may suit your finger well. There can be a change of heart when you realize the affection that the groom and his family put in while buying the ring.

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Focus On What You Like About The Ring

An engagement ring definitely holds great significance as it marks the beginning of your new life journey as a couple. The fact that you don’t find the ring as attractive as you had imagined shouldn’t spoil the beautiful moment that you have waited for so long. It is a good idea to focus on those features of the ring that you do like, maybe the shape of the stone is something you admire or maybe the band is beautifully crafted to make it stand out. So, instead of dreading over it, you can easily exchange or fix that part of the ring later with something you’ve always wanted.

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Have It Modified

This is also one of the best options to follow. You can always modify your engagement ring if you don’t like it. if the ring is too simple, you can add more stones to it or maybe you want to remove a few stones to make it look more modest. Do discuss it with your fiancé before going for this option.


Be Sensitive To Your Partner’s Feelings

Undoubtedly, your ring will always be a part of your memories but just think for a moment the efforts in terms of time, money and feelings that your fiancé has put in for finding a ring. You need to consider his emotions and be sensitive towards him because after all, a marriage is a union in which the love that you share as a couple matters the most.

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You Can Exchange It After The Wedding

After your wedding ceremony, you can always exchange your ring with the new one. Maybe you like the center stone but not the band you can always replace it with some other stone but don’t go over the budget. Also, don’t forget to discuss it with your partner about it because you obviously don’t want him to feel bad or distressed. This whole conversation should go smoothly to prevent yourself or your partner from further stress.


Give Your Honest Opinion When Going Ring Shopping

If your in-laws or your future husband take you ring shopping and ask your opinion about a particular ring, then you should be hundred percent honest with them and tell them instantly if you don’t like the ring they’ve chosen for you. You should also tell them what kind of a ring you want instead of going with the flow. But be careful to convey your thoughts to them respectfully without hurting anyone’s feelings. If you are respectfully honest, then they will admire you more for it.

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These are some of the ways in which you can deal with the whole “ring situation” if you do not like your engagement ring!
Should You Tell Your Fiancé That You Don’t Love Your Engagement Ring?
We know it can be awkward but there are many different ways to handle this situation without being impolite. So, this is what you should do: