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7 Health Benefits Of Olive Oil That You Should Know About!

Nov 26, 2019
7 Health Benefits Of Olive Oil That You Should Know About!

Article By: Majid Sultan


Olive oil is one of the most beneficial oils out there. There is a reason why chefs like Jamie Oliver drizzle it on everything from salad dressings to sauces. The composition of this miraculous oil is 73% oleic acid which is a mono-saturated fat. 14% of the oil is saturated fat whereas, 11% is poly-saturated fat. Oleic acid has anti-inflammatory effects on the body and some scientists believe that it has beneficial effects on genes related to cancer. The list of its benefits is a never ending one!

Here are 7 benefits of olive oil that you should definitely know:


1. It Has Antioxidants

Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants. These antioxidants reduce the chances of chronic diseases and inflammation in your body. It also helps prevent your blood cholesterol from oxidation and hence, reduces your chances of heart diseases.


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2. It Keeps Your Weight In Check

Olive oil helps keep your weight in check. It is certainly not linked with weight gain unlike canola oil and other cooking oils.


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3. Olive Oil Prevents Diabetes

Olive oil helps prevent type 2 diabetes. Studies show that a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 40%.


4. It Is Beneficial For Your Skin

Olive oil is a natural skin toner. Not only does it prevent your skin from skin cancer, but it also keeps it fresh and glowing. It exfoliates the skin, moisturizes it and gets rid of dead skin cells.


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5. It Keeps Your Hair Strong And Long

Olive oil keeps your hair strong and long. It makes your hair thicker and restores their shine. Massaging your nails with this oil helps keep your nails glossy and stronger.


6. It Keeps You Youthful And Keeps Your Stomach Health In Check

Olive oil keeps you younger and aids with constipation. Furthermore, it also prevents gall stones.


7. Helps With Psoriasis And Other Skin Rashes

Olive oil helps with psoriasis, eczema, skin rashes and skin inflammation.


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These are some of the main benefits of olive oil! Ladies, include it in your diet as soon as possible if you want to age gracefully. Stay young and healthy for longer with nature’s gift to mankind!

7 Health Benefits Of Olive Oil That You Should Know About!
7 Health Benefits Of Olive Oil That You Should Know About!
The oil that has it all!