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5 Benefits Of Castor Oil For Treating Dandruff

Aug 03, 2018
5 Benefits Of Castor Oil For Treating Dandruff

Having long and shiny tresses is what us girls dream of but their beauty might get overshadowed if you’re cursed with those snowy flakes somehow finding ways to trickle down on your shoulders, yes we’re talking about dandruff. For fighting it, most of us make use of different hair care products like oils and conditioners. A strict routine is followed especially if someone’s wedding is approaching. Among these products, castor oil holds significant importance. This vegetable oil is widely used for cosmetic purposes. The reason behind is the list of huge benefits for our hair and skin. The presence of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial components make it an excellent choice for treating dandruff without any risks.

Those women who belong to the same tribe and are getting married soon should know a thing or two about the benefits of castor oil. Some of the top ones are mentioned below:

Acts a Moisturizer

To keep a healthy skin, a balanced blood flow to the surface is essentially required. The presence of omega 6 essential fatty acids will allow enough (and sustainable) oxygen flow to the scalp. This means, your hair will not become worn out and form dandruff. If you regularly apply castor oil directly to your scalp, then your skin’s ph balance will also remain intact. Quite an easy solution before your wedding!

Prevents damage to your hairs

For many, the white flakes of dandruff are not even acceptable in the first place. Hence, it obviously becomes hard to swallow the list of damages that follow. Some of these include eczema, sensitive skin, and scalp psoriasis. You don’t have to worry anymore because castor oil is poised with very important components: vitamin E and insecticides. You just have to apply castor oil 2 times a week and you would eventually observe a clean scalp.

Fights with pathogens

Dandruff is caused by a number of things, and one of them is a yeast-like fungus. This happens when the dirt in our hair is left unattended. As mentioned above, castor oil has antibacterial properties, which is the reason why it is able to effectively fight pathogens. Along with that, it also reduces the disease-causing micro-organisms. All of this ultimately leads to less dandruff and clean hair!

Provides nourishment to the scalp

The fact that castor oil contains ricinoleic acid means that it will be quite right for the skin. It provides nourishment to the scalp, which is just enough for stronger hairs. Dandruff that is formed as a result of oil should be naturally diminished. Castor oil comes to the rescue because it provides the necessary food to keep the surface of the skin in a balanced form.

Welcome your new conditioner

All brides-to-be aspire for silky and shiny hair without that annoying dandruff. Thankfully, few drops of castor oil will do the trick. While dandruff slows down the hair growth, castor oil will escalate it just because it contains amino acids. When joined with RBCs, these provide nutrients to hair follicles, which ultimately stimulates growth. When you mix it with your favorite conditioners, it makes your hair smooth and retains their shine. Win-win situation!

It is evident that castor oil can be beneficial in reducing dandruff. All you need to do is initiate its application and see the magic afterward!

5 Benefits Of Castor Oil For Treating Dandruff
5 Benefits Of Castor Oil For Treating Dandruff
Those women who belong to the same tribe and are getting married soon should know a thing or two about the benefits of castor oil.