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What's Your Wedding Style: 10 Questions To Ask

Jun 10, 2018
What's Your Wedding Style: 10 Questions To Ask

You probably have an image in your mind of how your wedding should be like. It is always a good idea to share your brainstormed ideas with your loved ones to turn your thoughts into reality. Before you start working on your dream wedding, you need to ask a few questions to yourself so that you can get the clarity of your own ideas. We know the wedding planning process is not an easy task and you have to go through a lot of stress. Here we are going to share ten questions that you need to ask about your wedding style and trust us this will ease your planning process; especially when it comes to defining your wedding style on which many important wedding-related details are based.

Question 1: Where do you want to have your wedding?


The first step of your wedding planning process should be about the location- you should decide and choose your wedding venue early. Whether you want to have an indoor or an outdoor wedding – your venue will determine your all other décor-related preferences.

Question 2: Who’s going to help you with wedding planning process?


You will always need help with your planning process. You cannot plan everything on your own. We recommend you to look for some help, either a wedding planner or have some friend take the responsibility for that matter to enjoy your planning process without getting stressed out.

Question 3: What’s the size for your wedding guest list?


We advise you to decide on your wedding guests as soon as possible. Because the actual size of your guest list will help you to choose your wedding venue. The key decisions will be based on your guest list size as your caterer will also need to know the size of your wedding guest list.

Question 4: Which color scheme will you like to have for your wedding décor?


Deciding the perfect color scheme for your wedding décor is a very tough job. Always go for the color palette that reflects your style. Look for some inspirations to decide the perfect color scheme for your big day.

Question 5: What type of wedding will you like to have?


Asking this question will help you to clarify; whether you want to have an intimate family and friend affair or a big fat desi wedding or are you going for a low key but luxe wedding.

Question 6: What are your main preferences for your wedding day?


You might have some preferences for your big day about your wedding details that you really want in your wedding décor. Maybe having a DJ is in your preference list.

Question 7: How much are you willing to spend on your wedding decor?


This is a really important question to ask yourself that how much you can easily spend on your wedding décor to stay within your wedding budget. You don’t need to go over the board with your wedding décor.

Question 8: Are you going for DIY ideas for your wedding?


There are so many décor options that you can opt for your special day. You need to put some time in deciding what you really want your wedding décor to be like- whether you are going for DIY ideas to introduce your artistic skills or you are going for some wedding themes.

Question 9: How will you describe your wedding?


You have obviously envisioned your wedding day so many times before. You need to have a straightforward idea of how you describe your wedding; is it romantic, classic or you are going for a vintage wedding style?

Question 10: Are you going to have a summer wedding or a winter wedding?


You cannot have winter food menu in your summer wedding; for that matter, you need to decide early whether you want your wedding in winter or in summer season as you will be able to get seasonal wedding packages that will help you to stay within your budget.

The best way to create your wedding style is to address these above-mentioned questions. These questions will help you to identify your needs concerning your wedding style as a couple.

What’s Your Wedding Style: 10 Questions To Ask
What’s Your Wedding Style: 10 Questions To Ask
You probably have an im age in your mind of how your wedding should be like.It is always a good idea to share your brainstormed ideas with your loved ones to turn your thoughts into reality.