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7 Efficient Ways to Save on Catering at Your Wedding

Feb 18, 2019
7 Efficient Ways to Save on Catering at Your Wedding


Are you planning your delicious wedding menu and want it to be under the budget? This is every bride’s dilemma. We can totally understand how stressed you are right now.  After allocating your budget to other wedding planning details, wedding food is one of the essential that you don’t want to compromise on. Hiring catering services are definitely expensive and can pose a burden on your entire wedding budget. For that very reason, we have compiled the best ways to save your budget without compromising on the quality and taste of the food and drinks.

1.  Limit Your Courses

Limit Your Courses

Hors d’oeuvres, entree and drinks will be more than enough for your guest. Don’t add more than one dish for each course i.e. hors d’oeuvres and entrée because you are also serving your guests with the cake or other dessert options. Refuse your caterer if he or she suggests you to add more to the menu because your caterer will always give you more suggestions. By doing so, you will save your budget.

2.  Open Drink Station Or Bar

Cutting Cost on wedding food

Open drink station or bar is big no if you are facing budget constraints. You can easily cut your cost on cocktails. Put restraint on serving more than one type of drink and juices. If you are going for the fresh juice station, the maximum of two options is more than enough. Do the same with soda drinks.

3.  Don’t Go Over The Board With Appetizers

Wedding Planning in low cost

There are so many options available for the appetizers which will obviously make you pick more than one. The ideal number of dishes as the appetizers is three but you can settle it up to two. Keep in mind that your appetizers should be light because your guests have to satisfy their hunger with the main course as well.

4.  Skip The Finger Food

Sweets in Wedding Food

Finger foods are also hors d’oeuvres because such foods are directly served from a tray. These mini delights are always time-consuming to make. It can be largely consumed because of their bite-size which means the budget for preparing enough to please your guests.

5.  Choose Local And Seasonal Dishes

Foods in wedding

It is always a good idea to pick local dishes and flavors to avoid unnecessary expense on the out of seasonal dishes. Local ingredients will be produced locally and can be easily available around the year. Talk to your caterer about it to circumvent any confusion afterward.

6.  Don’t Pick Difficult Dishes

Simple Dishes in Low Cost Wedding

Arduous dishes like Nihari or Payee will be more expensive than biryani because of the effort and time these former dishes demand. To cut back your budget, it will be a wise decision to choose easy to prepare yet visually tempting dishes for your menu. If you are going with the Biryani, then you don’t need to serve another option for rice. Biryani is a complete dish, serve it with a Qorma or other gravy or curry. Your guest will love your menu and will be irresistible to taste.

7.  Drop Expensive Entrée Options

sweets in low cost wedding

Serving seafood on your wedding as entree can be a very challenging decision for the two reasons mainly. The first reason is that many people are not a big fan of seafood and second is budget related. Seafood is always exorbitant option to serve because platting up your guest with lobster, oyster source, sushi is nothing less than a luxury food. Talk to your caterer and go for the alternative dishes.

We have opened the treasure box for you by giving these beneficent tips for cutting down your cost on the wedding menu. Hire the professional chef and caterer so that it will be effortless for you to make a sage decision. Your professional caterer will guide you through the planning phase.

7 Efficient Ways to Save on Catering at Your Wedding
7 Efficient Ways to Save on Catering at Your Wedding
7 efficient ways to save on catering at your wedding. We have opened the treasure box for you by giving these beneficent tips for cutting down your cost.