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Your Complete Destination Wedding Checklist Is Here!

May 20, 2018
Your Complete Destination Wedding Checklist Is Here!

12 to 16 Months:

  • Plan your budget. your budget includes the same wedding items, with additional expenses on travel and accommodation.
  • Chalk out Your Guest List: this will depend upon your budget. A small guest list suits most of the couples who are budget conscious.
  • Decide Your Destination: this should be probably the first thing to consider. Also, don’t forget to check the weather as well as off and on-season.
  • Get Your passport and Visa: if you are traveling to an international destination, you won’t be allowed to travel without these two documents.
  • Pick Wedding Venue and Date: Book your wedding venue as early as you can.
  • Book Your Honeymoon Suite: If you want to spend honeymoon in the same destination, reserve your honeymoon accommodation and save your time.

9 to 11 Months:

  • Choose Your Bridal Party: Make sure your bridal party has passports and visas ready.
  • Send Save the Dates: Send out save the dates earlier, ideally a year before your wedding date. It will help your guests have plenty of time to make their travel accommodation arrangement.
  • Find Out a Group Hotel Accommodation: Help your guests find out accommodations at the best and discounted rates.
  • Put Details on Wedding Website: Wedding website is a good platform to upload all information about guest accommodations including maps, airports, important numbers, etc.
  • Plan Other Wedding Events: Destination weddings are usually longer celebrations, you can add more events in your wedding invites and RSVPs such as Mehendi and Walima.
  • Tailor Your Wedding Dress and Menswear: Consider the weather and travel involved while choosing your bridal dress.
  • Buy Airplane Tickets: Your air travel can put a dent in your pocket, so it is wise to book earlier, preferably for the offseason, than ending up purchasing expensive deals on the same destination.
  • Work with Your Wedding Planner or Coordinator: Arrange travel for your wedding coordinator who can go to the destination on your behalf and manage all the details and find vendors. Stay in touch with the planner or coordinator through Skype.

6 to 8 Months:

  • Finalize Menu: Work with your wedding venue and caterer to create a menu.
  • Schedule Dress fitting and Bridal Party Dresses:
  • Order Wedding Invitations: Ideally, order your invitations six months before your wedding. It will help them prepare for the wedding as well as ample time to send RSVP.
  • Arrange Bridal Shower: Since your destination is reserved for your wedding events only, arrange bridal shower earlier and save the rest of the time for planning for the big day.
  • If Required, Book Shuttle Service: if you and your guests have reserved accommodation away from the wedding venue, arrange a shuttle service that can pick and drop your guests.
  • Finalize Booking Vendors: You would definitely need other vendors. So, book the following vendors as soon as you find accommodation:
  1. Florists
  2. Photographer
  3. Videographer
  4. DJ/Entertainment
  5. Cake Baker
  6. Rentals and Linens
  7. Hair and Makeup Artist

3 to 5 Months:

  • Give a Final Review to Your Guest List and Send Invitations
  • Plan and Schedule Recreational Activities: This will depend upon your destination; activities can vary from snorkeling, scuba diving to tambola nights or visit a rainforest.
  • Buy Bridal Accessories: Buy bridal accessories such as clutches, shoes or bangles.
  • Finalize Honeymoon Details: This includes from travel arrangements to packing and shopping list.

6 to 8 Weeks:

  • Finalize and Confirm: almost one and half month before your wedding, finalize all the details to avoid any hassle and risk of missing out important details:
  1. Flight and hotel bookings.
  2. Guest RSVPs and meal choices.
  3. Shot list with your photographer/videographer.
  4. Menu, beverage, and catering details.
  5. All rental delivery times and pickups.
  6. DJ and/or band/musicians.
  7. Timeline for the wedding day
  • Get Vaccines: Before traveling, get required vaccines and make sure your guests get it too.
  • Get Ready Important Documents: These documents include visa, passports, ID cards, or even driving license.
  • Order Wedding Favors and Welcome Bags
  • Buy Gift for Your Bridal Party

3 to 5 Weeks:

  • Ship Items in Advance to Your Wedding Coordinator: It is not possible to take all the items with you. Send decorations, favors, paper goods, or welcome bags in advance to your coordinator to have every detail done in a timely manner.
  • Complete Your Bridal Look: Buy your shoes, accessories, emergency kit.
  • Review RSVP: Go through your RSVPs and check how many guests have RSVP’d.
  • Start Marking Done to Your Packing List: Sit and take a thorough look at your packing list and make sure there is no item left behind.

1 to 2 Weeks:

  • Confirm flight numbers and arrival times for everyone.
  • Make Seating Arrangements: Get seating chart or place cards ready.
  • Check Weather Report: You never know when the weather becomes unpredictable in a foreign land. So, check in advance and coordinate with your venue for a Plan B.
  • Pack for Your Wedding and Honeymoon: Pack for your honeymoon and for other wedding festivities such as your dress, makeup, and accessories.
  • Go Through Tips and Final Payments for the Vendors: You can take help of your wedding coordinator about payment and tips etiquettes.
  • Pay a Visit to Beauty Salon: Pay attention to your pre-wedding beauty treatment. Finish your massage, facial, manicure and pedicure.

4 to 5 Days:

  • Pack your wedding dress, jewelry and valuables with you and not in the luggage.
  • Get on Airplane!
  • Reach Your Destination: Arrive at your destination prior your guests to welcome them.
  • Meet your vendors and coordinators
  • Taste Your Wedding Cake and Menu
  • Send welcome bags to the guests’ room

The Day Before:

  • Steam Press Your Wedding Dress
  • Shower Your Bridal Party with Gifts
  • Take Your Beauty Sleep!

Wedding Day:

  • Take Time to Get Ready
  • Meet everyone and thank your guests to participate in the wedding.
  • Next? Head on to your honeymoon destination!
Your Complete Destination Wedding Checklist Is Here!
Your Complete Destination Wedding Checklist Is Here!
Plan your budget. your budget includes the same wedding items, with additional expenses on travel and accommodation.