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Bans In Different Countries That Will Shock You

Feb 25, 2019
Bans In Different Countries That Will Shock You

Before travelling to any part of the world, it’s extremely important that you do your research and find out what things are banned in certain countries. In a foreign country, things can get out of hand in a flash and with no one to bail you out, you’re going to have to be extremely cautious. If you aren’t, then your actions might offend someone’s beliefs and you’ll have hurt someone’s feelings or worse yet. You might break a law, even if doing so was never your intention. Here are some things that are banned in these countries:

  1. The Ancient Grounds of Greece

Wearing heels are prohibited in the ancient monuments of Greece. This is mostly because high heels can apply a lot of pressure on the ground and pieces of the grounds then start to chisel away. This causes these architectural sites to get damaged and sometimes it can cost millions to repair them.


  1. Singapore

This is pretty much common knowledge that chewing gum is banned in Singapore. Singapore is one of the cleanest countries in the world. The Singaporean government wishes to retain this status which is why they have imposed this ban to stop people from throwing chewing gum on roads in Singapore. People who are spotted breaking this law are fined up to $100,000 or sent to prison for a few months.


  1. Germany

Most of Germany’s laws make sense except for the one that states that you can’t impersonate Hitler there. In certain parts of Germany and Austria, impersonating the Great dictator is banned. Another thing that’s banned in Germany is walking on their Autobahn highway. This highway is exclusively designed for fast paced traffic and running out of fuel or moving slowly is also forbidden on this highway.


  1. Australia

In some parts of Australia, there are restrictions on how much noise you can make and at what time. For instance, you’re not allowed to make noise at the hours when your neighbors are most likely to be asleep.  It might sound weird, but it’s actually very considerate.

Noise in Australia

  1. Iran

Ponytails and mullets along with some other men’s hairstyles are banned for men in Iran due to being too “Western.” Some other hairstyles include long, gelled hair. While in Iran, men should make sure that their hair is cropped short and women should ensure that they’re properly veiled.


  1. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

In Saudi Arabia certain things such as driving were forbidden to women until quite recently. Celebrating Valentine’s Day is forbidden in both these countries too! In 2017 the government of Pakistan banned celebrating Valentine’s Day because it is not a Muslim tradition. Although it is still celebrated unofficially.


  1. Japan

In Japan, there’s a law that states that people between 40 and 74 shouldn’t have a waistline larger than the standard set by the government. If it is then you’re provided with “dietary guidance” and your company has to pay a certain amount of fine. So basically there are limitations on obesity in japan.

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  1. England

In England people are practically forbidden from dying inside the Houses of Parliament. This is one of the most significant buildings of England and anyone who dies here will be entitled to a state funereal, which is why it is practically forbidden inside this building.

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These bizarre bans placed in some countries around the world may sound ridiculous to us but they are pretty real.

Bans In Different Countries That Will Shock You
Bans In Different Countries That Will Shock You
These bizarre, unheard-of bans will leave you shocked! From chewing gum to whistling find out the reasons why these things are banned in certain countries.