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10 Essentials You Should Take with You on Your Honeymoon

Apr 14, 2018
10 Essentials You Should Take with You on Your Honeymoon

Now that you are happily married, it’s time to get ready for your long-awaited honeymoon. The tiresome phase of wedding planning is over and you are all set to head to your honeymoon destination. When it comes to packing essentials, you may find yourself making a long list of things-to-pack ending up taking along too many things that you actually don’t need, on the other hand, if you are not thoughtful while packing your luggage, you may forget few basic essentials back at home and regret the hustle! The solution to this problem is simple – prepare a checklist of the top most important things that you MUST keep in your luggage.

So, how are you going to make this checklist? How do you know what are those important items that you should enlist days before packing? We have answered your every question in today’s article. We have selected ten items that every couple should keep with them for a honeymoon. There is no harm in being prepared as they say, ‘precaution is better than cure’. Enough said, now let’s check out what we have on our honeymoon essentials checklist:


1. Medicines and Toiletries:

medicines and toiletires.jpg

Toiletries and medicines are top of our list. This include, toiletry bags, prescription medication, if any, over the counter medicines, anti-allergic, sunblock etc., also consider keeping bug spray with you.

2. Beauty Essentials:

honeymoon beauty essentials.jpg

Regardless of the destination, your skin and body need care and attention. Your beauty regime should not stop even during your honeymoon, so keep with you your sunblock, BB cream, foundations, small makeup kit, dry shampoo and blotting paper if you have oily skin.

3. Clothes According to Weather:

clothing for honeymoon.jpg

As you will be heading to a new location, you never know how the weather turns out to be. So, keep clothes which go well with the weather.

4. Beach Accessories:

beach accessories for honyemoon.jpg

If your honeymoon destination is a beach, don’t forget to keep a good SPF, because you are going to spend a reasonable amount of time under the sun. You would not want to return home with those patches of sunburn on your face and body. Also, keep a pair of the flip-flop as you won’t be able to walk on the beach in those fancy heels.

5. Water Proof Camera:

waterproof camera.jpg

If you are going to experience some adventure such as scuba diving or surfing, water proof camera is must have to capture those exciting moments spent under water.

6. Reading Material:


It is a great idea to keep your favorite magazines or a good book to read which keeps both of you entertained during travel.

7. Fun Games:

fun games for honeymoon.jpg

Games are the perfect way to kill time, especially, if you are stuck at the airport or there is rain in your tropical destination. Board games or a deck of cards keeps you occupied the right way.

8. Mini Phone Directory:

mini phone directory.jpg

You never know when you face an emergency. So, keep with you a mini-directory with all the emergency contacts in it. it should also include numbers of your doctor, hospital, house and credit card companies.

9. Accessories for Sun Protection:

accessories for sun protection.jpg

If you have planned this get-away during summer, don’t forget to pack accessories which protect you from the damaging sun rays, especially in tropical areas. Accessories, for example, hat, sunglasses, shorts, t-shirt and a pair of flip-flops (as we mentioned earlier).

10. Visa, Passport, Driving License etc.:

visa passport.jpg

For traveling abroad, don’t forget to keep your visa and passport. Ideally, pack these items first and keep in your handbag a day before traveling.

This honeymoon essentials checklist will ensure you travel worry free and enjoy your romantic trip. Keep visiting our blog for more honeymoon tips and trick, destinations and much more!

0 Essentials You Should Take with You on Your Honeymoon
0 Essentials You Should Take with You on Your Honeymoon
Now that you are happily married, it’s time to get ready for your long-awaited honeymoon.