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Pakistani Celebrities Stitching Protective Gear For The Doctor’s!

Apr 20, 2020
Pakistani Celebrities Stitching Protective Gear For The Doctor’s!

Article By: Myra Raja


This pandemic that we are trying to survive is getting difficult day by day. We need to do all we can to contribute. Many of us can monetarily whereas many of us can’t. We need to pool in our resources and figure out a way to pull it together. Remember united we stand, divided we fall. All of us need to take inspiration from our celebrities, no pun intended, who have stepped up and actually are trying really hard to make a difference. This is a time when everybody contributes however, they can.

Girls, women, whosoever is free, can learn to sew and help out. If we all come together and step up our game there is nobody who can come between us. Doctors need PPE suits, the police at every barrier and corner needs a PPE suit, but those are not enough to go around. Hazmat suits are for people in direct contact with the patients but even they are not enough to go around. With a nation like ours, everything we do will be a step forward. Various designers and actors have come on board to support this cause such as Asim Jofa, Maheen Khan, Deepak Perwani, Shaniera Akram, Sonya Hussain, Iqra Aziz Hussain, Yasir Hussain, Ushna Shah, Adnan Siddiqui, to name a few.


1. Asim Jofa



2. Adnan Siddiqui


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Let’s Fight Back! Thank you @adnansid1 for your love and support, you did a great job! Email us at #AsimJofaCares #Fightback #IfIcandoitsocanyou #Repost @adnansid1 • • • • • • I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the people – health professionals as well as others – who are devoting their time, energy and resources in the fight against #Coronavirus. Asim Jofa, for example, is a designer who has really stepped up in this difficult time. He has had top-quality hazmat suits made for doctors in Karachi. I want to thank him for his vision and his generosity. It’s moments like these that truly test one’s character. Our national character is being tested but we are all being tested in ways small and big. It’s an ongoing struggle. I know everyone is fighting their own battles and I salute all of you for your resilience. So: stay indoors, stay safe, and stay in touch online :). . . . . #asimjofacares #Ificandoitsocanyou #Fightback #hazmatsuit #selfquarantine #isolation #doctors #nurse #paramedics #stayhome #staysafe #covid19 #coronavirus #pandemic #socialdistancing

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3. Sonya Hussain



4. Shaniera Akram



5. Iqra Aziz Hussain and Yasir Hussain



6. Ushna Shah



7. Deepak Perwani


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8. Maheen Khan


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They’re all playing their part, as citizens are we also doing what we can to fight through this crisis? If not then now is the time to stand up and be there for all in the frontline of duty!

Pakistani Celebrities Stitching Protective Gear For The Doctor’s!
Pakistani Celebrities Stitching Protective Gear For The Doctor’s!
Let’s play our part together!