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Feng Shui Couples: How To Introduce Feng Shui Into Your Home After Marriage

Jul 05, 2019
Feng Shui Couples: How To Introduce Feng Shui Into Your Home After Marriage

Article by: Hadia Hassan

For thousands of years, the Chinese have used the subtle science of Feng Shui to improve their mental health as well as their relationships. The word Feng literally means “wind” whereas Shui means “water”. In Chinese culture, wind and water are associated with physical well-being. Hence Feng Shui is all about good health and positive energy. In plain words, it is the art of the placement of yourself and of the things around you so that their positive energies affect you best and the negative energies get canceled. Mastering Feng Shui means obtaining complete harmony and balance in your life by simply rearranging your surroundings.

Since the art of Feng Shui directly affects emotions, it has a massive impact on relationships. This is the reason why people often believe in redoing their bedrooms, living rooms and even their whole houses by using Feng Shui architectural methods to ensure that they achieve good fortune in every walk of life. The time before your wedding is the best time to turn to this science. You’ll be stepping into a new phase of your life and will require all the luck you can get to make sure that you two start your marriage in the happiest way possible! Here are some essentials to help you introduce Feng Shui into your household.

Feng Shui Tools

The Chinese use some tools such as Feng Shui compasses and baguas (pronounced “bag-wha”) to do a thorough analysis of a particular space. The compass, in particular, helps in correctly orienting architectural structures and the objects within them according to Feng Shui regulations. Baguas, on the other hand, are energy maps that help you figure out how certain objects in your house affect your emotions and relationships These amazing instruments also tell you how you can bring improvements in your house according to Feng Shui principles.


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Feng Shui Reading

If you’re completely new to the whole world of Feng Shui, then you and your partner should visit an expert who is well acquainted with all the schools of Feng Shui. A thorough reading will help you discover what your strengths and weaknesses are and then decorate your surroundings accordingly. We suggest that you consult your chosen expert before buying a house.


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Things You Should Do

Here are some things you should do in order to introduce Feng Shui into your life.

  • You can start by making your surroundings as beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as possible for both you and your partner. Get rid of any dull artwork or paintings in your environs and fill everything up with a little color.


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  • You should make a point to buy a new bed so that it brings fresh energy to your home. Try to make sure that the legs of your bed do not face the door and that the bed is accessible from all sides and not pushed into a corner. Regularly sun your bedsheets so that they derive yang or positive energy from the sun.



  • Decluttering also helps reduce stress in a relationship. Hence, you should seriously consider decluttering and creating an open space. Make your home feel light and welcoming instead of cluttered and disorganized.
  • Instead of single ornaments, adorn your room with pairs of things. Pairs signify your relationship and partnership in general. Whether its photo frames, scented candles or even other ornaments you should start buying things in twos instead of ones and threes.


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  • Make sure that your bedroom does not have any mirrors. In Feng Shui, mirrors themselves hold great significance and are sources of energy. You should avoid placing them in bedrooms so that your own energy circulates freely within the premises of your room. Also, make sure that there isn’t anything under your bed. You should also avoid placing your TV inside your bedroom since TVs distract couples from each other.


  • Fill your room with plants because plants are considered a source of positive energy in Feng Shui. You can also fill your house with Feng Shui coins which are considered a good luck charm by the Chinese and are also believed to add to your wealth.


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Myths About Feng Shui

Here are some myths about Feng Shui that people believe when they shouldn’t:

  • You should place Feng Shui mirrors in your house: Feng Shui mirrors or Bagua mirrors are meant to be installed or hung outside your home and that too only if you believe that negative energy might be attacking your home. For instance, evil eye or other negative forces.


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  • Red front doors ward off evil: This isn’t necessarily true for every house. The right color for your front door will be carefully determined by an expert after a thorough reading. This is entirely dependent in your own energies.


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  • Water bodies bring in good energy: Water bodies and mirrors are not good Feng Shui elements which is why it is recommended that they shouldn’t be placed inside your bedroom.


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These are some basics that you two should know before starting your life based on Feng Shui principles. These precautions and principles will help nurture and feed your relationship. You two will soon be the talk of the town for being the happiest couple around. You won’t the fear of negative energies or the evil eye!


Feng Shui Couples: How To Introduce Feng Shui Into Your Home After Marriage
Feng Shui Couples: How To Introduce Feng Shui Into Your Home After Marriage
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