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Taking Care Of Your Emerald Stones

Jun 14, 2018
Taking Care Of Your Emerald Stones

An emerald ring on your finger might just be the classiest thing but it is equally important to take care of it if you want it to stay fresh. The lush, green stone that sits so gracefully on your finger requires its own maintenance that you have to look after too. With time, emeralds get damaged by heat while chemicals and light that you come across on daily basis can reach the surface fractures and get filled by polymers, resins and oils. So how do you clean your emerald at home if you don’t have a jeweler to go to? Let’s find out:

Daily Proper Care

The number one rule for taking care of emeralds is that you take proper care when wearing it. This particularly means that you are aware of when to wear it and when to take it off. Avoid chemicals with this gemstone so wear your emeralds after you have applied makeup, perfume or lotions. Also, emeralds have their pride. Try avoiding touching your emerald as the skin oils also affect its appearance. Talking about when to remove the emerald, do not continue wearing it when you’re doing your house chores. The precious gemstone can crack or chip if it’s knocked against any kind of hard surface.

Cleaning At Home

If you’re not visiting a jeweler for getting your emerald cleaned up, there are a few instructions that you need to keep in mind when cleaning it yourself. Avoid using heat or steam yourself since it requires professional supervision. Instead use soapy water.


– Leave your emerald in soapy water overnight

– Rinse it with warm water

– Brush it with a soft toothbrush to get rid of grease and dirt

– Do not ever use solvent clears

Removing The Flaws

So you are done with cleaning your emeralds but there are still some flaws that are visible with bare eye. Take a toothpick, dip it in cedar or baby oil and touch the affected area of the emerald. Wait for approximately five minutes to let it sink in. The oil will cover the affected area in no time and give it a fresh look. Clean up the remaining oil with a tissue or a soft cloth but you have to be careful that the oil does not spread anywhere else on the stone.

Wrap Them Separately

Gemstones have different property which means their hardness is different from each other. Diamonds for example can cut emerald, platinum and gold so you have to make sure that you keep the stones separate from each other.

No matter how expensive, jewelry stones are delicate pieces that need to be looked after from time to time. You cannot just wear something and not expect any maintenance of it. Take care of your jewelry because it makes you look beautiful and is a symbol of some very special occasions. We hope we have given you an easy way to take care of your gems.

Taking Care Of Your Emerald Stones
Taking Care Of Your Emerald Stones
The lush, green stone that sits so gracefully on your finger requires its own maintenance that you have to look after too.