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Jewelry Designers Who Displayed Stunning Collections At FPW 2019

Mar 14, 2019
Jewelry Designers Who Displayed Stunning Collections At FPW 2019

Fashion Pakistan Week 2019 transpired and brought with it a unique display of beautiful bridal attires and elegant formal outfits. We are certain that the outfits have been all over your news feeds but what no one is talking about is the jewelry collections that were showcased at FPW 2019. As a matter of fact, several unique jewelry pieces were displayed at FPW this year and one of them even supported a noble cause! Some of the jewelers included emerging jewelers such as The Craft Stories and Aura Art Jewelry etc. and numerous immensely popular ones too such as Hamna Amir. Unfortunately, some of our renowned jewelry designers such as Samreen Vance and Shafaq Habib were not part of FPW which came as a surprise to most of us. Here are all the jewelry designers who showcased their collections at FPW:

1.  Hamna Amir Jewelry For Nomi Ansari Ensembles

Elegant bridal jewelry is Hamna Amir’s forte and this year she displayed her elegant bridal jewelry at the FPW 2019 alongside Nomi Ansari’s kaleidoscope themes apparels. Nomi Ansari outfits almost always go hand in hand with signature Hamna Amir accessories and let us witness the magic these two designers create together in the image below:

Hamna Amir ,Bridal Dress

2.  Craft Stories by Huma Adnan

Huma Adnan was another emerging designer whose collection was displayed at FPW 2019. These designs are carefully created by the Afgan refugees who have been staying in Pakistan for decades. Even though they’ve been displaced from their homes but the skills they possess are endless. Craft Stories believes in conveying the tales of the refugees to people through their crafts or simply put these accessories are an expression of their personal stories. These accessories are made in collaboration with the UNHCR and were displayed at the FPW 2019 too.

Hamna Amir Craft Stories

3.  Jaipur & Co. Paired With Sana Safinaz Outfits

Jaipur & Co. are one of the best on the business and they have a knack for designing breathtaking kundan jewelry that everyone loves. They hold expertise in the subtle art of kundan jewelry making and their designs as well as their exquisite craftsmanship are absolutely unparalleled. This year at the FPW, Sana Safinaz none other than Jaipur & Co. jewelry designs to go with their latest collection. Here is how they stunned us with their jewels this year:

Sana safinaz Bridal Dress

4.  Aura Art Jewelry For Saira Shakira Bridal Dresses

Saira Shakira displayed her collection Euphoria this year and paired her outfits with signature Aura Art Jewelry. This emerging brand is owned by Saba Talpur who prides herself on her ability to design one of a kind crumpled gold jewelry.  Recently her Aura Art jewelry has gained recognition through the FPW and Saira Shakira. You can see one of her beautiful jewelry designs below:

Bridal Jewelry Set

5.  Jewels Of The Nizams For Sanam Saeed

Jewels of the Nizams is known as the house of Hyderabadi jewelry in Pakistan. Their refined jewels are color customizable and nostalgically traditional. They make us reminisce about the past when Hyderabadi jewelry was adorned by Nawabs in the Indian subcontinent. Royal families exclusively had Hyderabadi jewels crafted for themselves. The image bellows shows the stunning Sanam Saeed in traditional apparel by Boheme by Kanwal and matching jewels by Jewels of the Nizams.

Bridal Jewelry by Nizams

These amazing jewelry designers got a chance to display their surreal jewels at the FPW this year and they very well deserved the opportunity!

Jewelry Designers Who Displayed Stunning Collections At FPW 2019
Jewelry Designers Who Displayed Stunning Collections At FPW 2019
Your complete guide to who was wearing what at the FPW 2019! Jewelry designers who displayed their elegant jewels alongside bridal dresses in FPW 2019!