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Classic Kundan Jewelry By Jaipur & Co.

Jan 25, 2019
Classic Kundan Jewelry By Jaipur & Co.

Jaipur & Co. are Pakistan’s finest kundan jewelry designers. They have been producing affordable quality kundan jewels for several years and their production is based in India. Their jewels are inspired by the latest ongoing jewelry trending in the world and are carefully crafted by using traditional artisan techniques in silver, kundan, pearls and semi-precious gemstones. Their exceptional kundan jewelry is an absolute success with women across the country and has taken the world of traditional bridal jewelry by storm. It is now one of the most coveted jewelry designers in the country and falls in the same league as jewelers such as Hanif jewelers, Remaluxe etc.

Their kundan jewelry is crafted by first creating a skeletal mold for each unique piece. This mold is referred to as the Ghaat. Then carefully cut and polished multicolored gemstones are set inside the intricately designed metallic base. Then finally the Meenakari or the enameling is done to add detail and texture to each jewel piece. Meenakari is present on the back of every kundan piece produced by Jaipur & Co. After this step the Pakai is done which is the process of soldering the gemstones permanently in the Ghaat with the help of gold foil. Every kundan piece is made of silver with double gold plating on top for extra durability and longevity. Similarly, each gemstone is produced in India and carefully polished to attain that subtle perfect finish. Some of their beautiful kundan jewelry designs are showcased below:

Jaipur Kundan Bridal Jewelry

Kundan Gold Jewelry set

Bridal Kundan Jewelry

Pearl Kundan Jewelry Set

Two Bridals Pearl Jewelry sets

Kundan Red Pearls Jewelry Set

Gold Jewelry Set

Jewelry Set

Bridals Jewelry for wedding

Pearl and Gold Jewelry Set

Kundan Bridal Set

Kundan Jewelry set for brides

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Kundan Designer Jewelry Sets

Pakistani Jewelry Set

Pakistani Gold Bridal Jewelry Set



We just can’t help falling in love with these gorgeous kundan jewelry designs from Jaipur & Co. Their jewelry is a manifestation of all things unique and worthy of possession. Each jewel piece is an absolute masterpiece designed by an extremely adept artisan!

Classic Kundan Jewelry By Jaipur & Co.
Classic Kundan Jewelry By Jaipur & Co.
Breathtaking classic kundan jewelry designs that will make you swoon!. artisan techniques in silver, kundan, pearls and semi-precious gemstones.