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Types of Formal Dresses You Can Rock This Never-Seem-to-Be-Ending Wedding Season

Feb 13, 2019
Types of Formal Dresses You Can Rock This Never-Seem-to-Be-Ending Wedding Season


The wedding season isn’t close to being over, and we all need some new ideas about how to take our wedding wear, up a notch. Not all silhouettes are fit for the varying body types of women of Pakistan, and there is a lack of awareness about dressing to flatter your body type. We at do our best to keep you posted about the latest trends, and to ensure that they look flattering on you. In this article, we have brought to you the most fashionable silhouettes of formal dresses that will take care of what to wear to the wedding fiasco!

Embroidered Lehenga Skirts & Crop Tops

Embroidered Bridal Lehenga with Skirt

(Image Credits: Ali Xeeshan & Threads and Motifs)

These have to be THE TREND for this wedding season. It might be too much skin for some people, but we have spotted it enough times in the real weddings to accept them. Many girls, who were uncomfortable with the bared waist, went for a complete coverage and still rocked the look. And they do look lovely, don’t they? Especially for slender girls who support slim waists, these outfits are ideal. Designers have made them in both monochromes and in color splashes; we cannot decide which we love most.

Contemporary Sarees by designers

(Image Credits: Mahira Khan, Ayesha Omar, Maya Ali & Shamsha Hashwani)

Sarees have always been a part of eastern fashion, and they are great for a formal occasion like a wedding. However, as you might know that saree is an outfit that demands certain poise and attitude. It’s all in the draping styles. There are dozens of saree draping styles that instantly change your personality. The contemporary silhouettes are busting the myths that sarees are only for married women. Many eastern designers are coming up with chic styles for sarees that inspire confidence in women of all shapes and sizes.

Designer Sarees

There are few people who pull off sarees like Sonam Kapoor, Mahira Khan, and Shilpa Shetty. Sonam, we’d mention in particular because she reinvented sarees like none other (remember that denim number?). Check out these cape saree styles that look stunning and worthy of stealing, right?

Top it Off with a Jacket

Designer Embroidered silk jackets for Formal wear

We love this new trend. It can upstage a subtle outfit, and downplay an over festive one. You can restyle your bridal lehenga, by throwing a long plain jacket over the embroidered lehenga. We have seen brides wear velvet jackets over their lehengas and they look real classy. You can also wear embroidered long, or short jackets over pants, shararas and Kurta pajamas.

Floor Length Gowns

Floor Length Designers gown

Floor length gowns will be back in a big way in 2019, so you can wear them to the weddings to look chic and elegant. Opt for numerous pleats, to give the dress a noticeable volume, but keep the design simple. They are available in both traditional and modern silhouettes and look amazing.

Long Kurtas

Designers Long Kurta

Long kurtas are also dazzling the wedding landscape. We love the sheer simplicity and beauty of these long shirts that would make you appear taller. They are easy to manage, as they offer a lot of berating room for those who wear them. You can wear them over lehengas, shalwars, sharara, pants and palazzos alike. These can be made in both heavily embellished and moderate motifs to create the impact that you were hoping for.

Some other usual silhouettes for formal wear that are still being spotted are:

  • Peplums with either pants, shararas, and lehenga.
  • Lehenga Cholis.
  • Short shirts with straight trousers.
  • One piece dresses, and suits
  • Plain shalwar suits with heavily embroidered shawls, and contrasting dupattas.


Types of Formal Dresses You Can Rock This Never-Seem-to-Be-Ending Wedding Season
Types of Formal Dresses You Can Rock This Never-Seem-to-Be-Ending Wedding Season
Types of formal dresses you can rock this never seem to be ending wedding season. Make a statement in all flattering silhouettes!