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Walking: The Most Underrated, Yet The Best Form Of An Exercise!

Feb 11, 2020
Walking: The Most Underrated, Yet The Best Form Of An Exercise!

Article by: Myra Raja


We are finally putting to rest the rumors and the debate to taking walk seriously. Of course, it is a really good form of exercise, not to mention the easiest starting of your fitness routine. We will walk you through, pun intended.


For Beginners

It is essential to understand that you’re walking posture, timing, how fast and how far will determine this as an exercise. Most people confuse walking with going about their daily chores and then narrating that they walked about 2000 steps and still they aren’t losing weight. Well, we are here to tell you, that walking in one consistent brisk way, for a particular time period everyday will constitute walking as an exercise.


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You can start your walk routine daily and maintain it till you reach a brisk pace. Walk is perfect if you are just starting out because you can literally start anywhere. Be it your lawn outside, or a nearby park, it is a no fuss way to start out. Personally, there is nothing like walking in a park early morning, you get a fresh start on the day, your moral is high because of the endorphins and ready to conquer the day, what more could you want? Not only does walking have more health benefits, than say sweating it out in a gym, it is also a way to get back to nature, to rejuvenate one’s self.


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Here is a walking schedule for a beginner.



Start with a daily 15 minutes’ walk at an easy pace. Build up your momentum gradually. Walk five days the first week. When you want to build a routine, it is necessary to do it consistently. Spread out your rest days, in between, as you’ll need them in the beginning.  Weekly goal should be 60 to 75 minutes.


Keep adding 5 minutes a day into the daily routine or set target. You can extend this time, followed by a rest day, like in the first week. By the end of the second week your weekly goal should reach to 75 to 100 minutes.

WEEK 3 and 4:

Keep gradually increasing 5 minutes as you go so that by the week end, you have reached a target of 125 to 150 minutes.


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If you find it difficult, to increase the time, stick to the same time without increment, till you feel your flow building up. Normally, what people don’t understand is that their body needs to warmup and adjust to the change that it will encounter. People rush into the exercise routine, and walk miles and miles the first day! Guys, you need to relax as it’s not a marathon nor you’ll be getting a trophy by the end of the day! Take it one step at a time solider, after-all slow and steady wins the race.

Walking: The Most Underrated, Yet The Best Form Of An Exercise!
Walking: The Most Underrated, Yet The Best Form Of An Exercise!
Let’s Kick-start, but first off put a trendsetting athleisure and most of all flexible shoes!