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Top Tips From Expert Hair Stylists For Women

Jun 09, 2018
Top Tips From Expert Hair Stylists For Women

The idea of pre and post-wedding hair care might seem like a lot of work. However, it can be managed easily if you do it right. Now, the use of certain chemicals and products might allow you to temporarily freshen up your hair. However, if you are merely experimenting on someone else’s advice then it might not be a good idea. For long-term benefits and permanent solutions for your hair, you need an expert advice. Undoubtedly, an expert can tell you more about your hair than you would normally anticipate. This is not because it is their job, but mainly because they deal will all kinds of clients. This enables them to know certain kind of problems that a person like you might face.

Read on to know some of the best tips from experts in the field.

Avoid every product that contains sulfate

Hair products with sulfate might work wonders for you, but it makes your hair roots weaker than ever. Furthermore, it can cause breakage, and ruin your hair color. Therefore, if your wedding is near, then you should probably look for the ingredients before buying a certain hair product.

Micro trimming is the new cool

In order to add ‘movements’ to the hair (so that it can be easily styled), you should go for a minute haircut. It is not similar to the conventional trim that you normally do, but it will be beneficial for managing your hair pre and post-wedding.

Trying different hair up-dos is quite beneficial

Simply put, if you’re restricting your hair to a certain updo, you might be adding more pressure to every single strand. Although this is not an issue you would normally consider, it can damage your hair in the long run.

Always prefer lukewarm water

Whether it is a hot season or cold, you need to prefer lukewarm water to prevent slow-but-extensive hair damage. The thing is that it can suck the natural oils from your hair. When you’ll use the lukewarm water, it will seal the necessary moisturizer in your skin.

SPF all the way

Because, along with your skin, your hair also needs to be protected from the sun. Therefore, it is better to add SPF hair products (shampoo, conditioners) on your grocery shopping list.

Get a silk pillow

Many of you might not be up for it, however, if you’ll see the benefits, you might change your mind. The fact is that a normal pillow will increase the friction in your hair. When it comes to a silk one, it will give a smooth surface for your hair to rest properly.

Mentioned above are some of the very simple but useful tips that one can follow. Some of these might actually be just what you need!

Top Tips From Expert Hair Stylists For Women
Top Tips From Expert Hair Stylists For Women
The idea of pre and post-wedding hair care might seem like a lot of work. However, it can be managed easily if you do it right.