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The 6-Month Fitness Plan Before the Wedding

Apr 11, 2018
The 6-Month Fitness Plan Before the Wedding

No matter from which part of the world women belong to, they aspire to have a flat stomach and a toned body specially before their wedding. Everyone, well at least majority wants to appear smart and have a perfectly shaped feminine body. All these ladies go to greater lengths to shed extra pounds. If your wedding is in a year or within the next 7 months, don’t worry, you still have plenty of time. In this piece of writing, we shall discuss a complete and comprehensive diet and exercise plan. Over the years, many women have found it to be helpful, and you might too!

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Fitness Plan

  • Evening Stomach Crunch: 5 Minutes (Month 1-6)
  • Morning Walk: 15 minutes (Month 2-6)
  • Afternoon Pushups: 3-5 minutes (Month 3-6)
  • Afternoon Overhead Dumbbell Press: 3-5 Minutes (Month 3-6)
  • Afternoon Body Weight Squat: 3-5 Minutes (Month 3-6)
  • Morning Yoga: 3-5 minutes (Month 5-6)
  • *Workout (30 Minute Exercise, 3-4 Days a Week):

Month 1:

First, you can either get a personal trainer, or you can skip the idea. During this month, we will ‘warm-up’ before the actual ‘match’. Now, there are regular exercises like workouts, yoga, and walking routines that can work wonders, However, one thing at a time. To get that flat belly, this exercise has been found to be quite effective. You have to sit down and keep your elbows by your side. Keep your palms under your ears just near the shoulders. Now, lean back just a little bit, and then extend your arms. Then, lift your feet few times and lastly, keep your knees to the chest. Repeat this for at least 5 minutes.

Diet: In this month, you can keep the normal diet with minute changes. Stop the intake of every ‘sugar’ item that does more bad than good. Drink abundant water, and start eating wheat, brown rice, and oatmeal.

Month 2:

There are very few who don’t only talk but have also walked the walk. So, you can start your morning with this harmless activity. Make sure you have your headphones on with your favorite artist’s music to keep you motivated.

Diet: Remember, you have to remain physically strong and remove toxic diets such as bakery items and oily meals. This will benefit you in one or two ways. First, you will definitely burn some of that nasty fat, and second, it will keep you in that particular shape for long.

Month 3:

Now, that you have been exercising for 2 months now, your bodily functions will become used to of those dumbbells and pushups. However, it is considered a crucial time because some might opt out of this plan for no reason. Pushups is the easiest exercise that can be done over the course of 6 months. You can also use some of the dumbbells for this purpose. At least 30 pushups a day would be more than enough.

Overhead Dumbell Press

Try to keep your shoulders width apart, and hold the dumbbells with your palms parallel to each other. This exercise can be repeated for 3-5 minutes.

Diet: By this time, you have to add more variety of liquids. Jump to green tea if you have not already started taking.

Month 4:

Repeat after me, practice is the key. No matter what you do, you have to do it for the W-Day. Now that you have been regularly doing a bunch of different forms of exercises, you have to make sure that your muscles remain strong. For this purpose, we will start bodyweight squats. You have to straighten your arms at the shoulder level. Stand still, and then slowly come down to your knees, and then go up.  You can repeat this for 5 minutes.

Diet: During one of these workouts, you can also start taking coffee because of it is an efficient energy source for your metabolism.

Month 5:

It is extremely important to track your progress. While you are on your mission, write down every little win and loss you encounter along the way. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Therefore, there is no need to rush things. Once you are consistent, you need to tell yourself that you have got this. You are almost there and you might already see some sign of victory. Along with regular exercises, you can add yoga to list. You might be overwhelmed by the whole scenario and it will help you calm your mind.

Diet: Vegetable/fruits juices (Apple-ginger juice, apple-orange juice, carrot-lemon-garlic juice) will be quite useful for you. Remember, keep it green!

Month 6:

In the end, we will focus on everything that you have achieved till now. Keep in mind, that you have put in a lot of effort, and the result will come accordingly. In the last month, you will become resilient enough and might continue some of the exercises.

Diet: No white pasta, diet soda (or diet food), flavored water, or any excessive surgery cereals. As mentioned in the article, you have to consume every food or drink that regulates your bodily functions.

Congratulations, you are now #ShaadiReady!

Now that you have some idea, the only thing you need to do is put in an ample amount of effort. Take it easy and don’t stress out because then you will leave it in the middle. In the end, you have to keep the faith that your hard work will definitely pay off!

The 6-Month Fitness Plan Before the Wedding
The 6-Month Fitness Plan Before the Wedding
No matter from which part of the world women belong to, they aspire to have a flat stomach and a toned body specially before their wedding.