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How to Beat Bridal Insomnia

Apr 30, 2018
How to Beat Bridal Insomnia

A bride-to-be has to go through a lot of intense emotions as the time of wedding comes nearer. On one hand, you expect to cherish new beginnings, while on the other hand, you fear to leave the life you have lived till now. Some of you might feel trapped in so many feelings and as a result, the chances of sadness, weight gain/loss, and low energy levels become high. Not only this, a majority also faces sleep deprivation because all they think about is the change that is about to occur. The only satisfactory aspect is that it is a common phenomenon and you can totally win this fight against insomnia. In this regard, here are some suggestions that will significantly help you.

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Recharge yourself but not with caffeine

When we are extremely stressed about something, our muscles tend to stretch. This can be extremely agonizing and you can come across trouble in sleeping. For this very purpose, you have to recharge yourself with exercise. Now, there is no need to heavily indulge yourself in one of those pushups or mountain climbers. Just make sure that your body’s metabolism remains balanced.

Note: Avoid consuming caffeine, because it creates hurdles in your regular sleep patterns.

Instrumental Music

Be it classical, jazz or acoustic, music helps you sleep better. Apart from relaxing your nerves, it puts you in a calming state. As the time passes, you tend to feel a lot lighter and as a result, you fall asleep sooner than you realize.

Limit Power Naps

It is good to nap in the afternoon or any time of the day as it has lots of benefits. However, it has its fair share of disadvantages as well. This habit can affect your proper sleep at night. Therefore, if you feel dizzy at any point in the day, be sure to keep yourself awake by any means what so ever.

Stay Away from Those Sleeping Pills!

Never have sleeping pills ever helped anyone let alone someone suffering from bridal insomnia. This is not even a temporary solution, as the problem of addiction and lethargy emerge from taking sleeping medications.

Talk to a Friend

No matter at what point in your life you are, you have to track your progress. After that, you have to talk to a trusted friend and share your experiences. First, you have to tell them if you are sleeping well or you’re getting none of it. This kind of continuous talk will enable you to read between the lines and see if there is a need for any change of routine.

Final Words

Ladies, marriage without a doubt is the start of the most beautiful phase of your life. It is not obvious, but, you will feel like that everything around you is changing all too fast. Thus, your reaction to it will come out in many forms, and one of them is insomnia. However, you just have to combat your sleep deprivation in the best possible ways, some of which are mentioned in the article.

How to Beat Bridal Insomnia
How to Beat Bridal Insomnia
Some of you might feel trapped in so many feelings and as a result, the chances of sadness, weight gain/loss, and low energy levels become high.