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Fad Diets: Lose 10 Pounds In A WeeK! And Gain 20 Back!

Jan 30, 2020
Fad Diets: Lose 10 Pounds In A WeeK! And Gain 20 Back!

Article by: Myra Raja


Since recently, there has been a sudden diet dilemma going around and we hope you haven’t caught that fever. Especially, if you’re tying the knot anytime soon or are planning on starting to shape up for the summers! People without reading up on diets have started following diet plans narrated by their aunts or uncles or friends leading to promises of losing weight within ten days or less! As alarming as that sounds, it’s much worse for your body. Read up on the one extremely popular and famous fad diet that has emerged and has been raucously followed by many without knowing the downside of such a plan!



The Military Diet

This diet is called the military diet. It consists of three days primarily and gives you the rest of the four days off. This not only sounds bizarre, but also ridiculously uncalculated. It limits your portions. Also the daily calorie intake is 1400 without giving any sort of warning as to food is off-limits. It is low in protein mostly and high on carbs. While, that may work for some it is highly doubtful that it would suffice to the majority. So, you are free as a bird to follow it and occupy your days with whatever you choose to consume as long as you stick to the 1400 calorie quota. Snacks are allowed too. There have been no studies that have been done on this trendy diet and that in itself says a lot about its need to be followed.



This feels ridiculously inept as to what needs to be eaten and what not which may lead to confusion. This confusion can cause a lot of bodies to react differently to what is being eaten. The first thing to do is understand your body, understand your metabolism and how it reacts to different things. You need to know if you have some food allergies, what foods make you bloat, what foods make you break out. A close observation can tell you lots about your body better than any dietictian or sticking to a diet plan.



In our opinion, we at would not encourage you to follow such an absurd fad diet or as a matter of fact any fad diets at all! Yes, for the time being they can make you believe in all the fancy promises. All you ladies looking like divas in no time! But trust us, these diets are not healthy AT ALL. Our suggestion is to go with sensible eating and to alter your lifestyle. Still, if some of you want to go ahead and bypass every single one of our red flags, then please do go ahead. But we’re telling you again these diets don’t work in the long-term! Then don’t you all come back running to us because we have given our verdict LOUD AND CLEAR!


Fad Diets: Lose 10 Pounds In A WeeK! And Gain 20 Back!
Fad Diets: Lose 10 Pounds In A WeeK! And Gain 20 Back!
Dear brides-to-be fad diets are not worth the “weight”!