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Complete Guide To Grooming Curly Hair Without Hassle Is Here!

Mar 08, 2019
Complete Guide To Grooming Curly Hair Without Hassle Is Here!

Curly hair can be quite a menace occasionally and it gets exceedingly arduous to groom them. You may have difficulty in brushing them or straightening them out and there will be times when you will have absolutely no clue what to do with them. The struggle is real ladies. Curly hair can be a menace sometimes but it also makes you look extremely attractive. Lots of people prefer naturally curly hair as compared to straightened out tresses because curly hair represents originality.

The unruly waves show that you haven’t undergone tons of hair treatments, you just have beautiful curly hair and you love it. What you see is what you get. Here is everything you need to know about curly hair:

1.What Causes Curly Hair?

The more oval your hair follicles, the curlier your hair. There are four main curl patterns i.e. straight, wavy, curly and twisted locks. Depending on the shape of your hair follicles your hair type can belong from these 4 types. Identify the type and own your curls if your hair classifies as curly.

Curly Hair

2.Avoid Heating Contraptions

In order to retain moisture in your hair you should avoid heating contraptions such as straighteners etc. and ensure that your hair is moisturized at all times. Hair which has been subjected to heat is more susceptible to breakage and dryness. Constant heating will damage those beautiful locks.

Hair Grooming Tips

3.Shampooing Routine

Shampooing or conditioning your hair more than twice a week will result in dry and damaged hair. You don’t want your hair to be dehydrated. If you feel that your hair is dirty, then you should opt for dry shampooing. Dry shampooing helps solve dirty hair problems like these without the need of shampooing. You should use a light sulfate free shampoo that doesn’t deprive your hair of its essential oils.

Shampoo for Hair Groom

4.Hair Creams And Mousse

If your hair is slightly wavy use hair creams, gels or a simple mousse to style your hair. The cream will add texture to your hair and steer clear of heating tools at all costs. These creams will help keep your hair moisturized.

Hair Creams

5.Frequent Oiling

You should frequently oil your hair with natural oils such as coconut, jojoba and olive oil etc. frequent oiling helps in keeping your hair’s natural texture intact. Oiling helps to avoid premature graying and provides your hair with the nutrients it needs. You should oil your curly hair at least once a week to ensure that your scalp doesn’t dry up.


6.Avoid Brushing Your Hair

If you brush curly hair excessively you’ll cause it to frizz up. In order to stop it from getting frizzy, you should use your fingers to arrange the strands. The lesser you brush curly hair, the sexier it will look. Excessive brushing will make you pull out some hair while trying to disentangle it.

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7.Get A Curl Expert Hairstylist

Curly hair can be really difficult to deal with especially when it knots haven’t been removed in a while. A curl expert hairstylist is going to help you groom your hair to the best of his ability and will make your work comparatively easier.

Growing Curly Hair

It is a myth that some hair types are better than others. We love all kinds of natural hair and find it unique and curly hair is our absolute favorite.

Complete Guide To Grooming Curly Hair Without Hassle Is Here!
Complete Guide To Grooming Curly Hair Without Hassle Is Here!
Find out what causes curly hair and how to style it and keep it healthy and hydrated at all times. Discover the secret to grooming curly hair the right way.