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5 New Year Resolutions For Couples That Will Keep Your Love Alive In 2020!

Jan 13, 2020
5 New Year Resolutions For Couples That Will Keep Your Love Alive In 2020!

Article By: Hadia Hassan


New year resolutions are important for couples. Every couple should have a set of goals or resolutions that they should make a point to fulfil. Ladies and gentlemen, your personal growth is as important as your growth together. And without mutual goals the two of you will stop growing as a couple. You two must continue to work on your bond even after you’re married. Heaven forbid that you should lose your spark or that your passion for each other dulls down! The new year gives you the chance to put behind things that pull you two down. To bury the hatchet and turn over a new leaf. If you want to work on your relationship, then there’s no better time to start than the beginning of the year. So instead of focusing on your individual new year resolutions, make a list of mutual resolutions that will help the two of you work on your existing problems!

Here are some examples of new year resolutions that you can follow!


1. To Learn At Least One Thing About Each Other


No matter how well you know each other there’s always a tiny detail that you two can be missing. Even if you two know what the other will order even before they place their order at a restaurant, you might not know that they despise asparagus! So, this year you should resolve to find out at least one new thing about your partner!


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2. Go On A Vacation Together


Vacations are extremely important for couples. They help you two get away from your busy lives and get back in that honeymoon phase. There’s nothing like a good vacation to at least once a year to keep your love alive!


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3. Work On The Fundamentals


When a couple stops working on the fundamentals of their relationship (such as good communication, date nights, taking care of each other, personal space and having your own me time) a relationship starts to falter. The two of you should resolve to work on the weakest area of your relationship this year and make sure that you fulfil this goal by the end of 2020!


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4. Get Rid Of Your Bad Habits


For instance, if there is something you do that your partner doesn’t approve of like constantly using your phone on a date night or watching the TV too loudly then work on getting rid of those bad habits and in turn your partner will respect you even more.


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5. Help Your Partner Fulfil At Least One Of Their Lifelong Dream


One of the best things about having a partner is that they support you and your dreams. This year the two of you should make it a point to continue doing that and help your partner fulfil at least one of their dreams!


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These are some beautiful new year resolutions for couples entering 2020 together! Keep your love alive with these resolutions!

5 New Year Resolutions For Couples That Will Keep Your Love Alive In 2020!
5 New Year Resolutions For Couples That Will Keep Your Love Alive In 2020!
These resolutions are what you two lovebirds need!