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How to Pick a Perfect Wedding Venue for Your Happily Ever After?

Mar 12, 2019
How to Pick a Perfect Wedding Venue for Your Happily Ever After?

Picking the appropriate venue for your wedding can be a Herculean labor, and sometimes requires your complete attention. Last minute cancellations or inconveniences can cause quite a mess. Conflicts may arise. Your groom might want one thing while you have imagined something entirely different. In order to avoid the awkwardness caused by a change of venue or last-minute rain check etc. you should take precautions and pick a venue that’s best suited for your needs. Here are some simple tips that will help you pick the perfect venue for your wedding.

1.  Begin early

The process of picking a venue can be long and tiring. An early beginning of your venue hunt can give you a head start and will help you select a good place well in time before your wedding. The longer you delay this the higher the chances of you not finding the perfect venue. Some places accept early booking and if its wedding season then you might not even find a venue and everything good will already have been booked.

Perfect venue for Wedding Ceremony

2.  Make a checklist

Make a checklist of all the specifications you want in your wedding, for instance, the food, number of guests etc. If all the elements of your checklist are being checked by a certain venue, then you know that it’s the perfect place to have your wedding. If something is amiss and you’re the ultimate perfectionist, then it’s best to switch venues early on. But finding a venue that fulfills all your requirements is next to impossible which is why you should be willing to settle for a few things even if they don’t feel right.

Checklist for Wedding Decor Ceremony

3.  Pick a theme

Decide early on whether you want your wedding to be rustic, contemporary/modern or even Shakespeare, beauty and the beast or Jane Austen themed etc. then try to find a venue where you can have your dream wedding. Once you’ve decided on a theme mutually, the rest will be fairly easy and rest assured that the hard part is over.

Wedding Decor

4.  Allocate a budget

You do not want to have monetary issues arising near your wedding. Proper money management is required before an important affair such as this. This will cause quite an inconvenience for both you as well as your guests. Allocate a budget to the venue and catering well in time. Once you have a budget, you will try to find a venue well within your monetary limitations.

Budget for Wedding Venue

5.  Start researching

When it comes to wedding venues you might be missing out on so many options. There may be so many possibilities that you may not even have considered remotely. Therefore, you should follow wedding blogs, read magazines and keep an eye out for any ideas that you may have missed out while looking for the right venue for your wedding.

Guide to Wedding venue and decor

Let’s hope you find the right venue in due time for your wedding. Take help from your partner and collectively decide on a venue that you both would love to get married in. Good luck folks!

How to Pick a Perfect Wedding Venue for Your Happily Ever After?
How to Pick a Perfect Wedding Venue for Your Happily Ever After?
Picking the perfect wedding venue for your big day can be confusing. These few tips and tricks will help narrow down your search for your wedding venue.