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Dark Circles Before The Big Day! Not Acceptable!

Jul 15, 2017
Dark Circles Before The Big Day! Not Acceptable!
Dark circles are easily the second worst thing after pimples that can happen to your face. Especially when your wedding day is drawing nearer. Showing up at work with huge half-moons under eyes almost always attracts unwanted remarks like ‘oh are you alright, you look weak?’, ‘Big night?’, ‘What’s wrong, don’t you sleep? You no longer have to face these unsolicited comments. Follow these tips to kick dark circles out of your life for the better. We know men are not immune to this skin curse, so this one goes out to you boys too.

Have A Good Night’s Sleep

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You’re getting only a 3-hour sleep painfully squeezed between your work routine and helpless internet addiction and still complain about dark circles? Let me tell you what you need. A slap on the head and a good 8-hour sleep. You’re past the age of being lectured on how sleeping less causes dark circles. Instead of binge watching your favorite TV show, rest your eyes with a decent amount of sleep. There’s goes your first step towards reducing dark circles.

Resort To Home Remedies

There’s no shame in admitting how your grandmother always tried to force her home remedies on you all your life. So you might already know half of them. Instead of disregarding home remedies like you always do, try them for once. Because they actually work when used with consistency and patience.


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Potatoes ace the list of remedies for dark circles. Grate some potatoes and apply the juice extracted from them under your eyes. Let’s hope you’re further convinced by the fact that potatoes carry natural bleaching properties.


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When I think about beauty home-remedies, cucumber is what flashes before my eyes. All of us have seen those ladies in movies with slices of cucumber resting on their eyes while they relax at a spa. But none of us have actually tried it. Well guess what? Putting cucumber slices on eyes is not just for the show, it does work. With skin-lightening properties, chilled cucumber slices will help you get rid of raccoon eyes.

Rose Water

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Listen to your mother for once. Leave cotton-pads soaked in rose water on your eyes for 15 minutes twice a day on daily basis and see the magic within a week.


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Lemon is your knight in the shinning armor when it comes to getting rid of dark circles. Use it the same way as rose-water. To see better results, mix it with tomato puree and apply under eyes.

Tea Bags

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Hey how can we forget the most talked about remedy for dark circles? Tea bags, guys! You must be wondering how to use them or what good a tea bag can even be. Let’s begin with the anti-oxidants and caffeine that shrink blood vessels and reduce under-eye fluid build-up. Theophylline that dehydrates skin cells, thus removing puffiness. Alkaloids that boost healthy skin growth. Tannin that stimulates blood circulation. You didn’t know that about tea-bags, did you? Don’t worry you won’t look ridiculous with tea-bags on your eyes, if you do it with your room locked. Remember, in addition to potatoes, cucumber, rose water and lemon juice, you will need major consistency for the remedies to work. Just keep pushing yourself for few weeks and you will be surprisingly happy with the results.

Invest In Under-Eye Gels

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If you’re wary of natural remedies, there are also a number of under-eye creams out there for you. The creams and gels will hydrate the delicate skin under your eyes and work to reduce dark circles. You just need to look for the right one. When you do, don’t forget to apply it with ring finger and massage gently. Apply your favorite under-eye cream at night and let it seep through to work its magic.

Smooth Them Out With Smoothies

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Keep dark circles at bay with healthy detox smoothies. If you’re among the people who are disgusted by the idea of eating the greens, you can blend the fruits and vegetables to make yourself a yummy smoothie. Smoothies are a fun way to remove the toxins and freshen up the skin.

Start Making Healthy Choices

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If you want those annoying dark circles to disappear, it’s high time to cut down your cigarette and alcohol intake. Drink enough fluids. Get enough sleep. Stock up your refrigerator with a lot of fruits and vegetables.
Today is the day you started on these tips to say goodbye to dark circles forever.
Dark Circles Before The Big Day! Not Acceptable!
Dark Circles Before The Big Day! Not Acceptable!
Dark circles are easily the second worst thing after pimples that can happen to your face. Especially when your wedding day is drawing nearer.