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Set The Trend: Two-Tone Wedding Rings

Jun 09, 2017
Set The Trend: Two-Tone Wedding Rings
Two-tone ring is a marriage of two metals combined together to create a classic, contrasting look. The metals can be combined in several different ways with a choice of dividing into thirds, two-third or even one-third. Another way to combine would be to carve a line, highlighting the difference in the colour. With the new trend having so many choices, let us go through some facts that you must know about a two-tone ring before you buy it.

The Difference Between a Man and a Woman’s Two Tone Ring


There is not much difference between the rings because it is your choice alone that matters. You should wear what feels right for you. The slight difference however is the width and style of the wedding band that really marks the change between the two.

Width and Style of Two-Tone Ring


The general width of men’s two-tone ring ins between 5mm to 8m while a woman’s ring ranges between 2mm to 5mm. The style on the other hand is a personal choice for both. Back in the days in Egypt 6000 years ago, the style of the rings reflected their culture. However, the symbolic representation of a two-tone wedding itself is so strong that most of the couples go with simple styles to depict their commitment.

Classic Two-Tone Wedding Ring


A minimalist and elegant representation of commitment, the classic two-tone wedding band leans towards the traditional band that is without any design on the surface. It can be made with a metal flat topped or dome topped to give it the timeless touch.

Designer Two-Tone Wedding Ring


For the couples who are open to unique designs, the band surface can act like a canvas for the jewelers to create interesting motifs on it. The Celtic wedding rings for example illustrates dynamic creativity that signifies reaching up towards the heavens and then down to earth.

Best Metal for a Two-Tone Wedding Ring


Choosing the best metal can be a difficult decision because you have to choose two metals or even three. The natural white metals include platinum, palladium and silver which have their own properties based on whiteness, cost and hardness. Choosing either a 14k or 18k gold for the ring also depends upon the tone and colour. So, if you’re going for rose and white gold for the two tones, you would opt for an 18k rose gold which is rosier than 14k, but for white gold, opt for 14k as it has more alloys in it and is going to be whiter than 18k. keep in mind the properties before choosing the tones for your ring.
The most spectacular thing about two-tone rings is that you have ample number of options when it comes to selecting the tones. A great combination can make it classic and trendsetting, ready to set foot in the wedding world. How do you like the idea of a two-tone wedding ring?
Set The Trend: Two-Tone Wedding Rings
Set The Trend: Two-Tone Wedding Rings
The metals can be combined in several different ways with a choice of dividing into thirds, two-third or even one-third.