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Oils That Will Solve All Your Pre-Wedding Hair Problems

Jul 30, 2018
Oils That Will Solve All Your Pre-Wedding Hair Problems

For silky and smooth hair just before their wedding, many brides-to-be go on a proper routine. It is always good to follow a concrete haircare ritual. However, following one or two basics will also do wonders. We are talking about using oils to massage your beautiful hair. Although this basic ritual is so very common, yet we forget to follow it from the heart. If only you knew the endless benefits of using oil for hair massage, you would do it more often. Apart from hydrating the scalp, it helps to retain the shine of the hair. These oils come packed with micronutrients and vitamins and thus provide food for the proper nourishment of hair. Here’s the thing: not only for your wedding hairstyle, you should also have strong hair for those numerous hair trials. That is why oils hold extreme importance. Those women, who are interested in the benefits should look no more.

In this article, we shall discuss some of the top oils that are very good for hair, especially before your wedding.

Avocado Oil

The idea of oil massage is simple but the benefits are quite astonishing. A good oil effectively aids in blood flow, which ultimately provides oxygen to the hair. Avocado oil does just that and even more. Considering this, if you regularly apply it on your hair, it will help you retain their strength and shine. The best part is that it will not create a greasy film on your pretty hair.

Peppermint Oil

Along with eliminating prolonged dryness, peppermint oil also deals with itching on the scalp. Due to its anti-microbial nature, it effectively reaches the follicles. It helps you get rid of the dirt, and also provides necessary nourishment to hair.  The presence of menthol also gives it a pleasant smell along with a cooling sensation. Seems like a good choice before your wedding!

Argan Oil

The presence of fatty acids along with vitamin E makes it a popular choice. Your scalp might be swamped with a lot of ‘unwanted’ (of course!) dandruff. Furthermore, many of us opt for voluminous hair on our big day. What to do? Argan oil seems to have the solution. Few drops of this oil will prevent dandruff from spreading here and there. This means, your hair will only grow silkier and healthier, just in time for your wedding.

Lavender Oil

If your hair falls way too much and makes you sick, then your days of worrying are long gone. Lavender oil has proven to be quite good for ‘fast hair growth’ due to its antibacterial properties. For effective growth, you have to take it in moderate quantity and apply every other week. In order to get better results out of it, you should mix it with coconut oil, apply it on your scalp and leave for 10 minutes.

Jojoba Oil

Although less popular, the list is huge when it comes to the advantages of jojoba oils. From preventing dryness to dealing with dead cells, jojoba oils do a great job. It will moisturize your hair without leaving any trace, which is just what you need. In case, your scalp has become greasy, you should make a habit of using jojoba oil.

It won’t matter what kind of ‘hair do’ you aspire to get for your big day as long as you regularly use oil on your hair. That said, you should also follow other important haircare routines before your wedding. All this will eventually benefit you more than you would anticipate!

Oils That Will Solve All Your Pre-Wedding Hair Problems
Oils That Will Solve All Your Pre-Wedding Hair Problems
In this article, we shall discuss some of the top oils that are very good for hair, especially before your wedding.