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10 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Hairstylist

Jan 01, 2019
10 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Hairstylist

A good wedding hairdo is what a bride dreams of among other things. But for this reason, you need to be ‘good friends’ with your hairstylist. Small talk and few Instagram hairdo ideas won’t work. Hence, getting to know them will only make your job easier and you will be able to communicate with them better. Take your relationship to the next level by asking your hair stylist these 10 important questions.

Ask about their work

Know what they do, and what they do best. Just your belief in their name and their reassurance might not be enough if you are looking to make a commitment. So, it’s advised to ask your dresser about their previous works and go through their look books. Looking at their expertise, style, ability, dos and don’ts will give you a clue how can you work out with this hairstylist or not.

Talk Money

What will be the cost of a certain hairdo? What about the accessories, hair extensions and everything in between? Even with no strict budget, you must clear your mind about everything beforehand. It is a common complaint that clients are often charged excessively for additional accessories and they only find out about it when they are in no position to argue.

Work Methodology

What kind of products do they prefer to use? Are these the ones that you think are okay or would you like some change? If so, tell them at the right time to avoid confusion. You might be required to bring in your products in these cases, so make sure to have it out with your hairdresser.

On Location or Not?

It would be a lot easier if your hairstylist also works on location aside from those fancy salons. After all, it would be better if the experts come to your place. Plus, you are likely to feel more comfortable in the familiar surroundings, away from all the hassle of a busy salon. Also, your hairdresser’s sole focus would be on making you look great, which is why you need to ask if it’s possible.

Solo or a Team of Hairstylists?

A team of hairstylists makes work easier and quick for the bride. You could also arrange for one expert and one associate to attend to you if you don’t want any fuss, and a duo is more likely to manage your hairdo effectively. If your bridesmaids plan on getting ready alongside you then you need more hairdressers. Surely, a piece of relevant information to know and finalize earlier

Will the Hairstylist be the Same?

In case, two persons will be styling your hair, you need to know the styling technique of each. Those who prefer a hairstylists’ work should let their preferences be known from the get go, so their time can be booked in advance. You don’t want your stylist to be swarmed with other clients when you need their skill set for yourself.

About Wedding Hair Trials  (and retrials)

This is probably the most important thing to ask and one must never ignore it. For your bridal hairdo you need to know what you want and more importantly, what you hate, in order to figure out your perfect hairdo. Splurging on a trial might seem excessive, but you need to remember that the wrong hairdo can ruin your whole look.

Wedding Hair Trial Etiquette

Ask them, what do you need to bring for a complete look, and never miss one single thing. Be it tiara, jewelry, or an extension, you must grab everything and let the trial begin! Once you have tried the hairdo you can be assured that it will only look more enhanced when you are all dolled up. Better make the right choice ladies, don’t go for center-parted flat hair bun just because its famous. It might not be for you!

Commitments that I need to be aware of?

It is good to know beforehand the schedule of your wedding hairstylist. It will especially workout in case of emergencies. If the whole team has another appointment right after you, then you need to make sure that your time isn’t compromised in their haste to reach the other place. Ask your salon about the possible scenarios and have a backup plan!

The Timing of the Hairstyle

Since on your wedding day, you will be on a tight schedule, so you must calculate your timings. Once you get an idea about how long will it really take for a hairdo, you should plan and adjust everything else accordingly. Being fashionably late to make an entrance is one thing, but you don’t wish to be too late for your happiest day.

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