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7+ Most Famous Jewels of the World

Jan 09, 2019
7+ Most Famous Jewels of the World

You must have heard that diamonds are forever, and it’s a true enough fact. Many stones have withstood time and wars, even when their wearers didn’t. Some changed their owners without changing their outlook. There are some jewels so singular that they made history, and are deemed too valuable for an individual to own them. These jewels are the part of the world’s history. From gems, to cut and crafted jewelry pieces; here’s your catalog of some of the world’s most famous jewels.

1. The Dresden Green

The rare Dresden Green is a 41-carat natural diamond. Its clarity is estimated to be internally faultless. Named after the capital of German State of Saxony, the diamond originates from the Kollur Mines in India. It’s historical record dates back to the 1722 and is still on display at New Green Vault at Dresden Castle. It is the largest natural green diamond ever found.

2. Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring

Princess Diana’s choice of engagement ring attracted lots of comments back in the day, as it was not the part of the royal coffers, was neither unique nor custom made. Some newspapers went as far as calling it a “commoner’s ring”. It was, in fact, created by then crown jeweler Garrard and was available to anyone for purchase. The oval, 12-carat sapphire ring is surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds. After Diana’s death in ’97, the ring appeared again on the finger of Kate Middleton in 2010, after her engagement to Prince William.

3. The Hope Diamond

The Hope diamond rivals the Dresden in the fame, like its green brethren Hope Diamond has the VS1 clarity. It is the largest blue diamond the world has ever seen. Also, it was one of the earliest colored diamonds to be discovered. Once owned by King Louis XIV, the 45.52-carat diamond changed owners (including Louise XVI & Queen Marie Antoinette) until it was bought by Harry Winston in 1949. The jeweler donated the blue diamond that sits between a circle of 16 colorless diamonds. It’s still on display in the Smithsonian. For a limited time, the Hope Diamond was on display in a temporary new setting designed by Harry Winston, called “Embracing Hope”.

4. The Koh-I-Noor Diamond

It has been suggested that the Koh-I-Noor diamond started out originally in 793-carats, and has been passed throughout the world for over 5,000 years. It is one of the largest cut diamonds. Whittled down to 105.6 carats now, the diamond was presented to England’s Queen Victoria and has remained in the custody of the British royal family ever since. Presently sitting atop the coronation crown of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. Koh-I-Noor has a reputation for bringing bad luck to the men who wear it, as only female monarchs have been able to rule for extended time periods since its arrival.

5. L’Incomparable Diamond

The Incomparable Diamond Necklace is 637 carats, and is the most expensive necklace in the world, according to Guinness World Record. The deep yellow diamond in the necklace weighs 407.48 carats and is said to be the largest internally flawless diamond as graded by the Gemological Institute of America.

Interesting fact; the center yellow diamond was found by accident in mining rubble in the African Congo, by a young girl in 1980.

6. Marie-Louise Diadem

The tiara was a wedding gift from Napoleon Bonaparte to Empress Marie Louise. Weighing at 700 carats, the tiara harbored 79 emeralds and over a thousand diamonds. The emeralds were replaced with turquoise stones in ’62 and were called a massive injustice to the jewel by some influencers. However, some influencers argue that the turquoise stones highlight the fine formations of the tiara.

7. Cora Sun-Drop Diamond

As the name suggests, the 110.3-carat pear-shaped yellow diamond hails from South Africa and holds the record for the most expensive yellow diamond ever sold (between $10.9 and $12.4 million). The tests show that the diamond was formed about 1 to 3 billion years ago. According to Wikipedia; yellow is the fifth rarest color of a diamond after red, green, blue and pink.

8. The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond


Famous actress Elizabeth Taylor was married eight times and was a collector of some of the most magnificent jewelry. Of all her engagement rings, the one from Richard Burton is the largest – he gave her a 33-carat flawless white diamond ring. The actress was known to wear it every day. And due to this ‘Krupp diamond’ being so unique and gorgeous, its name was later changed to the ‘Elizabeth Taylor Diamond.’

9. The Tsarevna Swan Ring

This beautiful and massive treasure piece holds the Guinness World Record for the most diamonds studded on a wearable ring. The ring boasts a remarkable 2,525 diamonds and weighs 10.48 carats. It is set in an 18k white gold ring and was made by the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House of Kiev, Ukraine. The diamonds were acquired from India.

10. Heart of the Ocean


After the release of the blockbuster motion-picture Titanic, the fictional “Heart of the Ocean”, diamond gained popularity and replicas were made to commemorate the jewel. The most noteworthy is a 171-carat sapphire, that’s set in a heart surrounded by 103 diamonds set in a platinum necklace. The necklace was donated to Sotheby’s charity. Celine Dion borrowed it for the ’98 Academy Awards ceremony.

7+ Most Famous Jewels of the World
7+ Most Famous Jewels of the World
Fascinating stories about the famous diamonds and other rocks that have gained more fame than their wearers. For more details read article.