What Trends To Expect in 2017

May 4, 2017
Between the tulip trousers and cold shoulder tops, Élan’s perfect ensembles to Faraz Manan’s take-over in Farhan-Urwa’s grand wedding, Kylie Jenner makeup launch and Kim Kardashian’s hyped Paris robbery, 2016 indeed was the year of countless fashion moments.

Whew! But while we’re still packing the memories of 2016 away, 2017 is already unfolding its share of buzzy fashion trends. Let’s look at the trends that are going to rule the fashion industry this year.

Activism Channeled Into Fashion

Congratulations ladies! In addition to tweeting and snapping it, you will also get to wear your favorite slogan now. Oh, the sweet 2017. Activism will now be channeled into fashion. Shirts inscribed with empowering messages will be the new chic thing. Let your shirts do all the talking this year.








The Flare Frenzy

2017 is bringing the 90s and 2000s flare frenzy back. Don’t worry; you don’t have to throw your favorite skinnies out yet. The skin-tight jeans that clung to every pair of legs in 2016 will not altogether disappear from the face of the earth. But top designers are making palazzo pants and wide leg trousers a hit again.









Statement Earrings

Chokers were the official accessory for every selfie in 2016. Going through Instagram and Snapchat feed was like tumbling down a selfie spiral laden with all kinds of chokers. Literally! Cheers to 2017 for giving us yet another accessory to rage on about. Statement Earrings it is. From runways to red carpets, trendy statement earrings will be adorning nearly every earlobe this year. Delpozo, J.W. Anderson and Proenza Schouler’s recent fashion shows with models sporting big bold baubles have further solidified this trend. So start stocking hefty pairs of earrings and stay ahead of your game girls.


Punctuated In Pink

Find me a girl who doesn’t love pink. From bright shades of fuchsia and carmine to the delicate hues of bubblegum and champagne pink, girls won’t miss a chance to rock any of those. Take out all your strawberry tops because 2017 will be celebrating Pink again.











Sneakers are one of those things that you can never really get tired of. Neither are they going anywhere anytime soon. If you are guilty of collecting different styles and colors of sneakers all your life, be proud and hang on to them. Because comfy and sporty will still be in fashion this year.









Super Stripes

Get your stride rich with stripes this year. Vertical to horizontal, diagonal to nautical, rainbow to classic, Stripes have been making appearances in all styles and colors for as long as we can remember. 2017 is bringing them back not only on clothing; you’re going to see Stripes on everything else too. Striped handbags, striped shoes, striped watches, striped floppy hats. Basically striped-everything. You can never go wrong with stripes anyways. So get ready to stock up your wardrobe with this ‘it’ trend in 2017.







Athleisure is old news now. If you’re tired of parading to work or grocery store in the same casual clothes you wore to the gym, athluxury is the new thing to look forward to. The omnipresent yoga pants will be replaced with elegant, country club-ready athletic wear. Tory Burch, Calvin Klien and Maschino are already sending athluxury-clad models down the runway. So, get your streetwear game strong by investing into this new trend in 2017.







50 Shades Of Yellow

There might be women out there who have always been strangely skeptical of this sunny color. I mean I have. Until I finally got over my fear and slipped into a mustard dress surprisingly receiving compliments. So maybe it’s time for you too to reconsider this sun-drenched hue. In case you want reassurance, remember how dazzling Rihanna looked in her carpet-winning yellow Met Gala dress? From bright lemon to canary yellow, runways are flooding with countless shades of this trending color. With so many options, there must be the right one for you out there. So get ready to ripen up your spring 2017 with yellow.

Fashion in 2017 will not be limited to these trends only, but they will definitely be the most prominent ones. Get ready to see them raging this year.



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