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Summer Is Here – Here’s How You Should Reboot Your Beauty Routine

May 4, 2017

Summer air is already sweet with the cute breezy sundresses, icy cool beverages and lovely beach days. Oh, the joys that summer brings! But what also comes tagging along are the not-so-lovely beauty challenges – frizzy hair, annoying breakouts, pigmented skin and building up foundation. Sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it?

The high-maintenance summer season requires a beauty routine reboot! Check out the ways below to freshen up your beauty routine this summer:

Pump Up Your SPF

While you’re having fun outside in the beautiful, sunny summer days, UVA rays are quietly creeping up on you harming your skin in dreadful ways – sunburns, sunspots, pigmentation, wrinkles and in worst cases skin cancer.  Go for an SPF 50+ sunscreen that’s not too creamy or streaky. Keep slathering it on the entire summer to keep your skin healthier, brighter and damage-free.

Stash Powder In Your Bag

With foundation running down your face and grease ruining up your look, you got to be friends with blotting paper and touch up powder. Blotting paper will absorb most of the oil. But you need powder to polish the look and lock your foundation in.



Go Strong On Exfoliator

You need exfoliator in summer more than in any other season. Oil builds up more in summers and clogs the pores making scrubbing mandatory. Make it a ritual to scrub off dead skin cells and unclog pores every night before hitting the bed.



Brighten Your Blush

It’s summer. With the happy, bright and radiant colors all around, it’s time to lighten up your blush too. Some colors that might not go well with the pale winter skin are perfect for the fresh summer face (well taken care of with sunscreen of course!). Get yourself in a happy summer mode with a pop of coral, pink or peach color on your cheeks.



Smudge-Proof Your Eyeliner and Mascara

Did you ever look in the mirror in the middle of the day only to find your carefully applied eyeliner grossly smudged all over your eye lid and you wondered what happened? Well, summer happened! Humidity-induced perspiration tends to make eye-makeup runny and drippy. Go for a smudge-proof eyeliner and mascara to have perfect summertime.


As joyful as summer is, it also calls for a beefed-up beauty regime. Follow the tips above and don’t let anything ruin your summer fun.

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