Slow and Steady Wins the Fitness Race

May 4, 2017

Are you tired of slouching around wallowing in self-pity on how your weight keeps getting in way of you maintaining a healthy lifestyle? You may have lost many of your dreams to harsh realities of life. But your fitness goals do not have to be unachievable – the key is to keep them realistic enough. We all get the throbbing urge in our bones to ditch those flabby arms before the wedding season hits or having that beach body ready for the summers. But let’s admit, thinking that you are going to magically transform into a model out of a fitness magazine overnight, is just a fairytale. Because you are not! Patience and persistence are what you need to nail your fitness dreams.

Here are five things you need to remember before embarking on your slow and steady journey to fitness success.

Don’t Obsess, Focus On ‘Why’

Your initial excitement of hitting the gym is overwhelming. You are high on adrenaline. Your motivation is through the roof and you just cannot wait to reach the finish line. But as time goes and the mundane routine of life creeps in, don’t you want to just call it a day? Well, don’t. Remember why you started it all and how amazing you will look when you are finished. You are doing great already. Write it down somewhere visible and remind yourself daily.

Keep An Open Mind

You do not have to take fitness as a dictatorship. Fitness is an adventure and adventures allow you to make your own rules. Don’t be scared of trying out different eating and exercising strategies before finally settling on the one that suits you best.

Moderate Approach Is The Key

Would I believe someone who says they will never eat chocolate for the rest of their life? Uh-uh, no sir! Once you’re convinced that slow and steady will win the weight-loss race, the next thing that should naturally come along is the moderate approach. You do not have to go immediately hardcore on your diet and keep staring at that cupcake with puppy eyes. Consider the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of your diet should include whole foods while you can squeeze that chocolate bar and cupcake in the remaining 20 percent. You can also opt the 90/10 rule if you want.

Lose The Fat

Even if your heavy marathon sessions on the treadmill somehow resulted in quick weight loss, you still might not be able to target the real culprit – fat. When you lose water weight instead of fat, that kind of weight loss is really hard to maintain. So focus on burning the fat because only then you are going to achieve the toned body you’ve been gushing over.

Run Away From The Haters

You know what I hate the most in the world? Dream crushers and naysayers. In the middle of all the guilt and self-doubt, the last thing you need is someone disrespecting your dreams. If your friends, co-workers, or anyone else is killing your motivation, you need to run the hell away from them and keep working on your fitness goals with all your swag on.

Have you drastically started cutting on your diet or obsessively lift those dumbbells? Well, stop.  Be patient and repeat the mantra – slow and steady wins the race.

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