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You Can’t Shy Away from The Viceroy – A Wedding Collection by Faraz Manan

June 2, 2017

Find out why you can't shy away from the viceroy!

Faraz Manan’s ‘Viceroy’ is not something to easily shy away from. Faraz takes a sneak peek into the past when the viceroys ruled the subcontinent. He focuses on his recollections masterfully conjoining the royal attire of the west with the royalty of the east. An amalgamation of culture, class and royalty ‘Viceroy’ boasts a multitude of royal attires to don. Viceroy captivates one’s attention with pure class which emanates from this magical collection. ‘Viceroy’ is a blend of the east and the west. The entire collection is intense and will not let you rest your eyes before you are finished contemplating each and every element of this outstanding collection. From body hugging gowns to magical silhouettes, vibrant colors to prominent hangings, hand worked embroideries and beautiful shades; ‘Viceroy’ is excellence redefined. The collection is gender inclusive in that it features royal attires of both the genders. The female dresses are rampant with an air of royal class showcased by the western nobility back in the 19th century. The male attires portray an inclination towards ‘Royal British military ensemble’ and come with beautiful epaulettes. Some would, on the other hand, not fail to see that this collection does not shy away from boldly encouraging and both flaunting a pressing royalty. Well, then, let us now take you to witness the magical collection Faraz Manan has come up with this time around to captivate you. The entire collection is presented below. Take a deep breath and plunge in to exquisite craftsmanship below!

These royal dresses, for the fashion designers will always remain a fascination. Faraz has, in his love for the royal attire, presented his own take in this collection which is definitely commendable.

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