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Weddings Around the World: Arabic Bridal Makeup looks You Can Steal for Your Big Day

March 3, 2018

If dramatic eyes and softer lips is the look you're aiming for, these are for you.

With the overwhelming number of makeup artists serving us new bridal looks each day, we have seen the mainstream traditional Pakistani bridal makeup in all its avatars and yet the beauty of it never fades. The usual golds, browns and maroons blending perfectly with the desi attire. However, for the brides who are not a fan of the mainstream and want to go for the makeup different from the usual, Arabic bridal look could be something to fall for. Arabic makeup is all about bold shades, and some serious pop. It is a flawless blend of two different eye shadows, that is simply picture-perfect for the ladies. With dramatic eyes, shimmery cheeks and delicate lips, Arabic bridal makeup gives a very striking appeal. The main focus is on emphasizing the eyes with extremely winged eyeliner and vibrant colors of eyeshadows. For the brides looking for something unusual this wedding season, we have rounded up the best looks of Arabic bridal makeup to make you the star of the wedding celebrations.