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Wedding Around The World: These Chinese Bridal Headpieces Will Put Yours To Shame

March 3, 2018

Meet the most honorable ornament for the Chinese brides.

When someone says bridal headpieces, we automatically think of matha patthi, maang tikka, jhoomar and whatever delicate pieces we can name; but in China, it’s an entirely different story. The traditional headpiece is shaped like a pheonix and is called the Pheonix Coronet. It’s a traditional crown that is richly decorated with pearls, sequins, beads and tassels. Let’s have a look at this stunning ornament that will surely take your breath away:

These beautiful headpieces are not the normal headpieces that you would see on a western or eastern bride. They have rich cultural background and create an aura of tradition and customs that have been continued from ancient times till present.